Our Souls

Last Christmas a beautiful young lady, Gina, gave me a potted orchid plant. For months I enjoyed the brilliant white flowers adorning my room. Sadly the orchids fell leaving behind a decayed stem. The core was strong though, so I transplanted the green waxy leaves into a larger pot and was amazed to see not one but two stems emerging. Weeks later they twisted and grew toward the two light sources— one stem to the left window facing the eastern horizon and the other to the right. Today the pot is filled with new buds and a promise for new flowers, and this reminded me of our own souls.

Whether it is the subtle glow of a lamp post or a star sparkling in the midnight sky, instinctively we seek out light. Have you ever tried to navigate in the dark? We can, but why? Light comes in many forms: a vibrant raging fire, the sun beating down on you as you lay in the warm sand, a full moon lighting your way…
Or, light can also be seen in friends, like in the twinkle of light in their eyes or the brilliance of a baby’s first smile!

This winter, in the northeast at least, has been so long. It’s been frigid and the snowfall continued to break records… but you have to admit, all that white snow did brighten our landscape! So the next time you are feeling low, defeated, or despondent, look no further than your own soul to guide you toward light and to finding HAPPINESS.


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About the Author: Andrea Carrese ( is a psychic with over 20 years of experience, and her reputation as a gifted psychic counselor has brought her recognition around the country and abroad. Andrea is often a guest star on WPLR in Connecticut, as Psychic Andrea. She continues to enjoy a thriving practice in the greater New York area. She has a strong spiritual practice and is well-equipped to guide people through the vagaries of life. Follow her on twitter: @AndreaInsights (!/AndreaInsights)

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