Horoscope: March 2011

March Horoscope

By Bob Mulligan

March is always a time of transition from winter to spring. We move from being mostly inside our homes to spending more time outdoors and connecting more with nature as we go through the celebration of life and the birth of new forms. This year the Nodes of the Moon are moving into Sagittarius/Gemini and will emphasize the need for developing new thought forms and new ideals in order to solve world problems. Uranus (the planet of revolution) enters Aries (the sign of spring); the whole planet earth is getting a jump start. This month also contains an Opposition between Jupiter (lord of expansion) and Saturn (lord of limitation); this highlights the fact that although we are in a time of growth and expansion, we have to be in compliancy with universal laws in order to survive. And finally the month ends with Mercury (god of thought) turning Retrograde in Aries, showing that not every idea we have, no matter how brilliant, will escape revision.

The New Moon is on March 4th at 3:47 PM EST. All of the planets are in one small area of the zodiac except for Saturn. This shows that Saturn (the great teacher) is in a position for giving us a series of long steady lessons in the area of getting along with each other. We always have a higher way out of our difficulties but it requires discipline and here Saturn is aligned to help us as well. Even though our sense of reality is changing and the world is speeding up, again, the laws of the universe are still functioning. Over the next month we will see many miraculous things; and yet the law of gravity is still operating.

The Full Moon is on March 19th at 2:10 PM EDT. The tension created between the Sun and the Moon this month reminds us that it is difficult to unite the head and the heart. With Mercury opposite Saturn we are reminded that the path to perfection begins with right thinking. With Neptune (ideals) in hard aspect to Saturn (concrete circumstances) we are pushed to clarify, then live out our perception of the higher truth. Not living in accordance with our own beliefs becomes very painful.

The Sun moves into Aries on March 20th at 7:21 PM EDT beginning our astrological new year. Because the Sun is right on top of Uranus (planet of uniqueness) this whole year is destined to have many unusual and game changing events in it. There will be massive earth changes which are a reflection of the magnification and alterations of collective consciousness.

From the 1st to the 6th is a time of working on our key relationships. Thought processes can seem stilted which makes problem solving very difficult. More energy and time doesn’t improve circumstances, only finding a higher perspective promises any relief.

From the 7th to the 13th insights come one after another and we are able to solve many problems both on our own and in concert with other innovators. We move forward with full throttle and without holding back. Much territory is covered in just a few days.

From the 14th to the 20th it’s very easy to get beyond our real limits now and to have our optimism get us into trouble. However, if we heed the signs and are careful with our resources, then we can use the abundance of the moment very favorably.

From the 21st to the 27th we take a leap into a new arena. This is the best time for our creative and unique qualities to express themselves unencumbered. We want to spend time both outdoors and indoors now. We are in a transition moment.

From the 28th to the 31st we have reached a defining moment. Some things must go in order to have our attention focused correctly. It is okay to change our minds on an important ingredient in our lives. We have more information and the way forward is clearer.

1st – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus Sextile Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Venus, Venus enters Aquarius – We shuffle the deck of infinite possibilities as we make a series of choices today. It is possible to have our head and heart speaking the same language.

2nd – Wednesday – Mercury Quincunx Saturn – Adjustments made in private can go a long way toward establishing better working relationships. Place attention on the problematic people that keep showing up in your world.

3rd – Thursday – Mars Sextile Pluto – Be sure that you really want the logical end product of your efforts today. Things will cost you more in effort than they appear to on the surface. A short stroll can become a long hike because we don’t see the entire journey at the outset.

4th – Friday – The New Moon is at 3:47 PM EST, Venus Parallel Pluto – We are very passionate about life, but this is a day of regrouping. By marshalling our energy and observing the world circumstances we are laying a new foundation and long term planning can have more meaning.

5th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Saturn – Tasks immediately ahead can seem intimidating. Sequencing your efforts and measuring your time and energy can give very productive results.

6th – Sunday – Mars Semi-sextile Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Saturn – We can see more than we can manifest; take time to develop a plan. Be satisfied with incremental progress.

7th – Monday – Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter – We may be inclined to commit our time and energy to projects that later become a burden. Enthusiasm of the moment can have our mouth writing a check our feet can’t cover. Share encouragement with peers. Avoid making an implied promise.

8th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-sextile Pluto – We find ourselves in forced circumstances. Give others the space to compromise and contribute to the group process.

9th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Parallel Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Mercury enters Aries – Inspiration and intuition give potency to our thoughts and conversations. Take some notes as ideas can fly through our minds with lightning speed. Capture ideas for later review. Decisions made in a hurry may be just the right thing.

10th – Thursday – Venus Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus –We are raising the stakes and taking everything to a new level. Be willing to ask for what you really want. Bold steps reap rewards.

11th – Friday – Sun Parallel Saturn, Uranus enters Aries – Compromises and new options collude to propel us forward. It isn’t so much that new information comes our way; it is more likely that we just see things from a different perspective. We may be so far out in front of our friends that we feel isolated. We tend to move swiftly.

12th – Saturday – Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter – We may feel that we are being pulled along by circumstances and everything is moving way too fast. Work to get a picture of the ultimate goal now.

13th – Sunday – Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn – Staying focused is hard because we have a propensity to change: directions, attitudes, and even goals now. There is a complicated back story to our mental meanderings; we all have to alter our perceptions about life because circumstances in the world are changing so radically.

14th – Monday – Mars Quincunx Saturn, Venus Semi-square Uranus, Venus Trine Saturn – Relationships take an unusual twist today; worn out habits finally lose their significance; innovative ideas emerge while we are in motion. Couples break up and come together spontaneously.

15th – Tuesday – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Mars – We translate our new interests into action and our mind moves faster than our feet. Romantic feelings crop up between people in unorthodox ways. It’s a time to be brave.

16th – Wednesday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars – We may feel argumentative or very frustrated as the results of poor past decisions come back to haunt us. We are able to make progress if we are acknowledging of our own shortcomings.

17th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune – We desire to be practical but we are also prompted to follow our higher vision of truth. We are in a balancing act, trying to be true to ourselves and at the same time to accomplish our task at hand. Postpone major decisions and move forward incrementally.

18th – Friday – Mercury Opposite Saturn – Accept the inevitable and just finish necessary tasks. A flurry of activity may be required to complete ordinary assignments.

19th – Saturday – The Full Moon is at 2:10 PM EDT, Sun Parallel Uranus – We complete something important and open a new chapter on life. Change comes forcefully but if we are able to keep some modicum of detachment we will see the humor in the current events.

20th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-square Pluto, Sun enters Aries – We are all a little tired as we enter the astrological new year. Too much activity in a short period of time can leave us with a feeling of being overwhelmed. Being patient is the best response to circumstances.

21st – Monday – Sun Conjunct Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus –  We all must do something new today in order to feel in tune with the cosmos. Don’t be afraid of going over the edge; throw caution aside and experience life unfiltered.

22nd – Tuesday – Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter – An edgy competitive urge prompts many people’s behavior now. We are happiest if we manage to establish the right rhythm in our interactions with everyone in our immediate environment.

23rd – Wednesday – Emotional reactions from others may seem out of proportion to external circumstances. Major emotional shifts seem to be present in everyone’s life now. Be tolerant of others and allow your own true feelings to emerge.

24th – Thursday – Saturn Sesquiquadrate Neptune – There is a rapid oscillation between our fears and beliefs about life. Have faith and you will manifest a higher vision of the truth.

25th – Friday – Mars Parallel Saturn, Venus Semi-square Jupiter – Creativity is favored. We are working on our own when we are most productive. The gap between others may seem wide but help can come to us when we least expect it.

26th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Venus Conjunct Neptune – Beauty and all artistic performances are favorable now. Meditation can lead to a very positive realization of how the future will unfold. Spend some time looking within.

27th – Sunday – Venus enters Pisces, Venus Parallel Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus – Several days of creativity and positive feelings reach a crescendo with lots of good positive messages. This is a great time to write, journal, and communicate with loved ones.

28th – Monday – Sun Square Pluto, Jupiter Opposite Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel Saturn – We are at the crossroads. Some things must stay and some must go. Everything that is not serving our immediate needs becomes suspect. People, projects, and possessions are up to be questioned.

29th – Tuesday – Getting into an ordinary routine seems impossible; only a plan or a friendship can help us get stable. This is a great day for letting our social instincts control the center of our lives.

30th – Wednesday – Mercury turns Retrograde, Jupiter Semi-square Neptune – Pleasant conversation can lead us to some deeper understanding of our closest friends.

31st – Thursday – A restful day with lots of opportunity to organize our thoughts and our possessions. Review the last couple of weeks and see if there are any projects that still need your finishing touch.


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