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Gina Girardot Melton

Born into a boisterous Italian family, all things food-related were ingrained in Gina Melton’s DNA like white on Arborio rice. So it’s not surprising that Gina has spent the better part of her life obsessed with food and is happiest when she is eating, writing or talking about food.

For Gina, it’s never been just about the food though. Her view is that the people around the table are what make a meal memorable. She has had the good fortune of eating her way around the world at places as diverse as Michelin-starred restaurants to off-the-beaten-path cafes. It’s during these adventures that Gina discovered that kitchens are the gateway to people’s souls, and she thrives on understanding people and cultures by sharing meals on their turf.

When she isn’t eating, Gina is blogging about her gastronomic attack on life on her blog, Zest: The Florida Foodie Insider’s Guide ( And check out her blog on this site, “Zest For Food!”


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