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Take That Average Joe’s!

By Aqua Catlin

I’m curvy. But not exactly hour-glass, not exactly pear. Got a small waist, some hips and definite bum and thigh (thanks Mum). Trying to get that in the skinny jean trend is no easy thing. But no jean ever is, is it?

I’ve tried them all. Abercrombie, 7 FAM, Gap, Michael Kors, Levi’s, Serfontaine, Joe’s Jeans, Forever 21 skinny jean, Joie, (j’accuse!), and the list goes on and on… but the story stays the same, big butt, thighs, small waist. If I can get them all the way up over the round sections, how will they stay up on my waist without being too tight and creating a muffin top or too big with gaping ease?

Finally! Levi’s Jeans gives me fresh hope for a more forgiving time in the fitting room with their Levi’s Curve ID. These offer jeans solutions for the very real issues women have of fitting into standard jeans cut for a fit model’s body. Who are they?! Jeans are a very basic part of our wardrobe, let’s solve this thing.

So we keep trying. Of all my jeans, Joe’s Jeans were the most money for the biggest disappointment. Very average fit for all the promises. The rise is too low so I get a muffin top even when I am having a skinny week and my thighs always seem too featured. For all that hype and cash? Hmph. And whoever can wear this stuff, good for you, but I kinda like my round bum. Gap is always a disappointment at a low price point but for that, just go to Forevs XXI to be more flattered (but still imperfect fit) for less.

Levi’s is always the most flattering fit for me (I find a lot of women feel the same). God love them and their good prices too, and with their new Curve ID line I’m investing in shares and pairs. If you’ve got issues with jeans fit, and I know you do, take the quiz to determine your shape and your own common issue with jeans’ fit, then they’ll link you to your shape “ID” and photos of real women in your solution jean. (I love that Levi’s site that allows you to see other women, of all shapes and sizes, looking great in the jeans!)

The tag line wisdom is ” its about shape not size.” If it works, and I can rely on you to always flatter me, you’ve just lifted a lifetime of stress and ended long trials back and forth to the fitting room with me wanting to burst out and cry to a salesperson. Anyone else sense this relief?

But if you care, here’s how they’ve fixed it. They’ve determined that women have 3 major shape issues:

A boyish shape without too much booty or too many curves, meaning waist won’t close and bum looks flat is solved with the Slight Curve Id

If you’re balanced proportionally but jeans don’t flatter at the waist, they’ve helped you out with Demi Curve ID. And elongated your appearance!!

For women like me, it’s the Bold Curve ID. They’ve designed a higher in the back jean with a hugged waist and other flattering touches in the side seam, plus pretty, curved side pockets. Only wish they had the skinny in black! I live in the dark blue skinny I bought, and they always fit and always flatter!

Next purchase, though, will be the super flattering straight leg.

I sense a wider leg coming back soon. And now that I have solved the jeans fit issue, I will see if I can work this body shape into the new trend. (This beautiful YSL jumpsuit pant jump-starts my heart.)

Just a quick anti-jean moment in a jeans city.

And if you haven’t yet, you must check out Aqua’s website


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About the Author: Aqua, (yes, its her real name), Catlin is an Aussie-American Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor as well as Stylist. She’s costumed Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Billy Baldwin and Arye Gross among others, has worked with models, musicians, playmates and in various roles Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Aqua’s work is considered, on budget, on time and adds production value and a friendly on-set face! You’ll be glad you trusted your project to Aqua. Questions? Great! Contact us here: E-mail [email protected]


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