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Searching for Lingerie

By Aqua Catlin

A beautiful undergarment is a kind of dessert if you think about it. There are all different kinds and they leave a certain visual taste in your mouth.  Sometimes its all about the cotton candy but usually we want quality ingredients and a beautiful presentation. It should feel pretty, refreshing, elegant and hopefully spicy or sweet.

As I folded 23 pair of panties, or if you prefer: knickers, undies, drawers, laundered this week, I contemplated the uncomfortable, hungry feeling that I can never get enough panties.  I’m a long time customer of Victoria’s Secret where I’m learning, they’re all the same panty and like Mugatu, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”  No matter how many pairs I buy, (50 and counting), the silhouettes repeat because VS only has a few collections, and only changes the fabrics so they’re feeling very vanilla. Where are the beautiful delicate details of the old days?  It doesn’t feel like lingerie, it feels like outlet sale, mass produced, machine washable blah wrapped in a thin layer of Hershey. Not Godiva.  And, at times, VS does border on cotton candy.

And at their mid to higher price point there’s actually even less variety. I dropped in the store recently, specifically to find a perfect garter belt for a project and discovered their 3 styles of garter belts are predictable tiny and predictable mid length.  Modern and sexy? Sure. But not romantic or sweet.  They have a piece at their website but on a shooting deadline who has time to wait when you can’t even see a photo of the fit on the booty?

I always lurvvve a visit to Frederick’s of Hollywood, and I have many of their pieces too. Especially the teddy’s. Frederick’s is so creative with their fabrics, details, colors and fun creations.  They have lingerie and fabulous nighties for all body types and budgets as well as a nice plus-size line.  Not to mention lots of pretty goodies and naughties, as opposed to the single overpriced French-maid Vicky’s will sell you in the store.  Freddy’s often comes close but it isn’t exactly the romance I’m seeking of late. It’s fun, creative, and a real pleasure. Straight up chocolate cupcake sprinkles.(,default,pd.html?cgid=pa31)

Google  “Lingerie,” that’s about all you get.  Vicky’s, Freddy’s, A Touch of Romance, (a source mainly for sex-play paraphernalia), their lingerie selection seems sexy-fun but bare. Cheesecake but from the frozen aisle.  Infamous Trashy Lingerie is there too.  I’m not sure but I think “Trashy” in the name may refer to the unbelievable y’all-don’t-come-back-now-service. This dessert is an untouched leftover from the next table over. You won’t feel good about it no matter what it is.

I want something truly special and beautiful and romantic.  And aside from my single, drooling trip ‘round Agent Provocateur, my observations of the hunt are limited to what’s in my budget.  A moment of silence please for that pristine memory. It is pretty and sweet in there. Someday I hope I’ll have some of that beautiful light French dessert. Raspberry Mousse? I don’t even know.

Stella McCartney is too utilitarian. That leaves Nordstrom, Bloomies and Macy’s.  Based on the Nordstrom mark-up, I think I’ll wait till after Christmas if I want that $80 Fantasie bra (because it’s so pretty).

Bloomies… oh I hate malls but DKNY is a lacy, romantic fluffy cake. There you are!  Beautiful, pretty, romantic, affordable and based on what I know of DKNY, a very forgiving, flattering fit so I can order online!

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About the Author: Aqua, (yes, its her real name), Catlin is an Aussie-American Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor as well as Stylist. She’s costumed Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Billy Baldwin and Arye Gross among others, has worked with models, musicians, playmates and in various roles Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Aqua’s work is considered, on budget, on time and adds production value and a friendly on-set face! You’ll be glad you trusted your project to Aqua. Questions? Great! Contact us here: E-mail [email protected]


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