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The Nivea Pre-Grammy Bash

By Aqua Catlin

Aqua at the party

The Grammy’s were great fun, as usual, and though I wasn’t at the awards show, my Saturday night was a swish pre-Grammy party hosted by music publishing label Primary Wave. The event was co-hosted by the classic skin care brand Nivea, and the faces of Nivea, Giuliana and Bill Rancic. They were heating up the scene with their hot bods and smiling faces.

Giuliana & Bill

The fabulous event was held in the Garden Terrace of uber chic SLS Hotel Music by DJ Eclectic Method (who actually used real vinyl and turn tables to spin such tunes as “A Few of My Favorite Things,” remixed of course) kept the party vibe alive. DJ Eclectic Method injected fun music to the scene without overwhelming the party.

DJs at the party

Celebs were definitely in attendance but my favorites were the Rancics, partly because I’ve been a fan of Giuliana and her positive go-getter personality for years. As well as being great poster children for Nivea, they’re a great couple to mention here on Happiness Series because they encourage health, happiness, and love, while living in the real world and dealing with their own struggles. I always like to take a page from people I admire. Giuliana’s own website also encourages happiness, health, love, and success (Bill won Donald Trump’s The Apprenctice before meeting Giuliana).

Aqua, Giuliana & Bill

The event was at capacity but PMKBNC (PR firm), and talent agent Jennifer Abel, was able to arrange safe passage for my friend, actress Nicola Graham, through the VIP line. (Look for Nicola next in the national Jenny Craig for Men campaign!) Coincidentally, Nicola already uses the Nivea line and loves the nourishing SPF lip balm. Her boyfriend uses the Nivea For Men line, “and it smells delicious!”

Nicola & Aqua

Gorgeous bowls of Nivea freebies were randomly placed, and quickly emptied, plus cute giftbags were provided on exit of the party. I’ve been playing with the products to give my review and hoped they’d be good. They exceeded my expectations. Among my faves is the Touch of Smoothness body wash (in Tea Rose and Almond fragrance– so nice!), which is really creamy and so luxurious to wake up to that I’ve used it daily. Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m happy to report this left me so soft compared to Olay. I also tried the traditional Nivea cream on my feet last night, and they’re noticeably softer today too – planning on using it for the rest of the week, and I have high hopes for silky feet again. Nivea is a brand that I’ve overlooked in the past, as I admit, I’m easily distracted by gimmicks and promises of other brands, but I always enjoy its quality and simplicity when I return to it.

Nivea Giveaways

Grammy Nominee Cee Lo Green was in attendance, (see photo), being gratuitous for the press ofcourse. He was fun with Gwyneth Paltrow at the Grammy’s too. Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith made an appearance and looked happy before disappearing to… Dinner? Dessert? Dessert in their room? They had the pre-Valentine glow in abundance.

Cee Lo Green

The fashion was sexy, and chic. Skin is the new black, apparently, and there was lots and lots of bling. Giuliana Rancic was working some mighty sparkly Blahniks, or were they Cartiers? Hard to tell through all the flash and gorgeous sparkles! Jealous! I also saw a couple of resort-wear dresses – thank you Los Angeles weather and oversized heat-lamps, complete with lampshades. The best thing about this event was the eclectic mix of people – all ages, all colors, and all sizes. It was a very human event while being vibrant and glamorous and truly fun. Everyone was in a good mood and friendly (a welcome break from other sponsored events with sour-faced celebs being precious while waiting to be attended to “properly”).

Giuliana's sparkly shoes

The party was fun and glamorous. I loved meeting movie studio execs who were actually having a good time, ingénues, paparazzi who laughed with me when I offered photo credits for images and creative bar-tenders. Absolut Vodka was a sponsor but I was lucky enough to nab (too much) chardonnay. Thanks to PMKBNC, the agency that went all out to help create this event, and the marvelous PMKBNC people, Cliff Carson, Jennifer Abel, and Traci Coulter, for including us in their celebration.

The girls night out at the Nivea Party

For more info about Nivea and their products, check out their site: & for more from Aqua visit her site


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