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How to Amp Up your Sex Appeal

By Moani Lee

How to make your eyes sparkle? (I’ve used the white eyeshadow thing on the inner corners of the eyes before–so if there’s anything new/different that would be FAB)

A great way to make eyes sparkle is definitely to focus a lighter shimmer eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes but another great way is to focus the shimmer on the center of the eyelid (not the entire lid) and just under the brow bone. Finish off with a thickening mascara emphasizing a few more coats just on the outer corners of the eyes. During the dry winter months, try a cream based shimmer such as M.A.C’s Pearl or Hush Cream Color Base and during the summer humid months try less creamy formulas such as Victoria’s Secret Stardust Brilliant Shimmer Shadow or Victoria’s Secret Hypergloss Eye Shimmer in LL5 golden lights (champagne) on the center of the lid and Victoria’s Secret Silver Dust Brilliant Shimmer Shadow just under the brow bone. Keep the application minimal and subtle so as to add just enough sparkle without overdoing it. Mascara’s to try would include L’Oreal’s Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black (also available in Waterproof) or YSL’s Everlong Mascara in Everblack (also available in Waterproof).

When it comes to smoky eyes, what’s the “current” smoky eye color? (is it still black? slate gray? or maybe dark brown is more flattering/less harsh?)

I think the “current” smoky eye is alot softer than in past seasons so as to pull focus to brighter tones in lip colors and/or soft corals that were seen during this year’s Golden Globes. Take liberties with color tones in gray’s, brown’s or taupes but keep the application soft. Try the universally flattering soft brown tones such as Victoria’s Secret 027-eye contact (neutral/beige/rust) or m23 menage (neutral/brown/dark brown). Pair it up with brighter tones on the lip such as M.A.C’s Girl About Town (hot pink) or Nars Barbarella (sheer peach) finished off with YSL’s Golden Gloss in #28 Golden Coral.

How to highlight your cupid’s bow?

Much attention was brought to the cupid’s bow during the 1920’s when the overempasized cupid’s bow was all the rage. These days the cupid’s bow highlight is alot more subtle with soft eyes shimmers or cream shimmers cleverly applied with your finger to the twin peaks at the top of your upper lip (the tiny portion at the top of your upper lip that looks like an “M”) Try cream shimmers such as M.A.C’s Pearl or Hush Cream Color Base or soft powder shimmers such as Victoria’s Secret Brilliant Shimmer All-Over Powder in LL2-candy girl (use a very small amount).

Also, why the artist might think it’s an unexpected sexy part of your body?

As in the 1920’s the cupids bow was considered that which made the face much more feminine and girly. The idea is that it draws focus to the softness, suppleness and sexy quality of the woman’s lips but in an unexpectedly subtle way.

How to make your lips look kissable/plump? (i.e. gloss vs. lipstick? is red sexy or too intimidating–i.e. a guy might be scared it’ll get all over him? if so, what color should they use?)

If your lips are on the thinner side, it’s flattering to softly and very subtly overdraw just outside your natural lip line with a lip pencil. Fill in your lips with a corresponding lip color and finish off with a flattering gloss just in the center of your lower lip. Also, highlight your cupids bow if you feel so inspired. It’s often easier to pull off this look with softer shades or nude tones such as M.A.C’s Subculture Lip Pencil/Viva Glam V/Prrr Lipglass combination for lighter skin beauties and M.A.C’s Chestnut/Fresh Brew/Beaux Lustreglass for darker skin beauties. If you have fuller lips and don’t like the hassle of a three step process, a simple stroke of your favorite gloss (Try Victoria’s Secret Mineral Lip Gloss in a variety of stunning shades such as F14-Bare) will be just what you need to add that kissable/plump quality. Red is sexy and never too intimidating if it makes you feel amazing and gorgeous (I often hear of guys who love a girl that is adventurous enough to wear red) – try M.A.C’s Russian Red Lipstick/Cherry Lipliner combination or Nar’s Shanghai Express Lipstick/Amazon Lipliner combination. And if a guy is too scared to kiss you because of your sexy pucker, try longwearing formula’s such as YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture long lasting lipsticks that come in 19 shades as well as Revlon’s Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in a variety of fun colors.


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About the Author: Moani Lee, beauty expert and make-up artist to the celebrated in fashion, music, and film, brings an international awareness with her approach to beauty and makeup. Moani was born in Surabaya, Indonesia to a Hawaiian mother and a Korean father and appreciates all types of beauty in the world. Trained at the exclusive Christian Chauveau in Paris, she has been in and around the fashion/beauty industry for over 10 years. Her philosophy has always been to encourage the inner beauty and enhance the outer beauty. She currently resides in New York and is a regular contributor to the fashion and beauty blog Creative Reform Project. Happiness Series is thrilled to have Moani blogging about “Beauty Inside and Out.”


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