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Play up your Faves

By Moani Lee

I often ask my clients, “what is the favorite part of your face?” And that will normally be the starting point of what facial feature we’ll end up playing up.

Here are a few features for you to think about and focus on:

1. Skin – If the favorite part of your face is your skin, do everything you can to pull focus to that part. Keep it hydrated and glowing in the right places (check my last blog “No Makeup Makeup, Part II” for tips). Focus on the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, your brow bone and the bow of your lip. Try highlighting creams with a hint of shimmer in them to pull focus to the features previously mentioned. My favorite products are M.A.C’s Strobe Cream and M.A.C’s Cream Colour Bases in Pearl and Shell (available at M.A.C stores and Keep all other makeup choices neutral. The result will be a gorgeously fresh face similar to the look Versace chose for their runway this

2. Eyes – Most people want to play up their eyes and there are a variety of ways to do this. (We’ll go into greater detail on this in future blog posts.) One great way which is often commonly requested is the smoky eye. The concept of the smoky eye is really to follow a gradation of light to dark. How intensely you do this is up to you – you can do a natural smoke, a soft smoke or an intensely dark smoky eye. Here’s an example of a medium intense smoky eye. Try playing with neutral color eyeshadows in deeper tones, dark eye pencils in dark brown or black and volumizing mascara’s. (Some of my favorites are Bobbi Brown’s Sultry Eye Palette, M.A.C Cosmetic’s Eye Kohls in Teddy and Smolder and L’Oreal’s Mascara – Voluminous in Carbon Black)

3. Lips – If you love your lips, make no qualms about playing it up. Exfoliate your lips on a regular basis by mixing a course sugar (like “sugar in the raw”) with your lip conditioner and rubbing it gently on your lips and then gently rinsing it off. This way any dead and dry skin cells can be removed on a regular basis leaving your lips lush and moisturized ready for you to draw attention to them. Always condition your lips on a regular basis and if you run out of regular lip conditioner, normal Vaseline will do the trick. Play around with lipstick favorites when going out, like bright pinks as seen on the Fendi runway this season, or bright oranges, deep reds or rich burgundies. And if this is too loud of a statement for your personality, then do stained versions of them by rubbing whatever lipstick color you choose in the center of your lip only and then rubbing it in with your fingers. If you want a more playful look, finish it off with a clear gloss, unless of course you have long hair and you know you are walking straight out into windy weather which may be a recipe for disaster. In that case, skip the gloss and stick with the matte lip stain.

4. And if you choose to wear nothing else but blush and that makes you feel like a knock-out, just run with it. I always think, confidence can never be masked by makeup, it can only be enhanced and that to me is beyond beautiful.

5. Eyebrows – Brows have always been a point of reference when signifying the times. Whether you choose to embrace bleached brows, no brows, manicured brows or full brows, I say do it with grace and aplomb. What better way to reference this than the timeless beauty of Audrey Hepburn. To get a softer version of her look, find a pencil or brow shadow that closely matches or is slightly lighter than your natural brow color. Follow the natural shape of your brow and fill in any missing sections so that the finished look is much bolder than without. Try Laura Mercier Brow Powder Duo, Laura Mercier Brow Definer or M.A.C Cosmetics’ Eye Brows self sharpening brow pencils.


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About the Author: Moani Lee, beauty expert and make-up artist to the celebrated in fashion, music, and film, brings an international awareness with her approach to beauty and makeup. Moani was born in Surabaya, Indonesia to a Hawaiian mother and a Korean father and appreciates all types of beauty in the world. Trained at the exclusive Christian Chauveau in Paris, she has been in and around the fashion/beauty industry for over 10 years. Her philosophy has always been to encourage the inner beauty and enhance the outer beauty. She currently resides in New York and is a regular contributor to the fashion and beauty blog Creative Reform Project. Happiness Series is thrilled to have Moani blogging about “Beauty Inside and Out.”

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