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Back to the Future Present

By Aqua Catlin

I hope you’ll enjoy this fun and amaz-zazing look at our culture, through the bemused eyes of the 1930s!  Watch it below and while you do, imagine it were produced today, and distributed by TMZ.  It would reference so much in our pop-culture society.  Can you catch more references than I did?  No spoilers… Enjoy it, and since I know less about the internet than my Great Aunt Ethel and can’t embed a video, please click “back” and come back to us after:

Look back to tomorrow here:

Fashion Nostradamus of the 1930’s you know your stuff.  If this were a modern day collection, it would reference Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, fashion,  advances in fabrication technology (like thermals and synthetics), that keep us warm or cool, the famous Marc Jacobs heelless heels and… men… as practical as ever with techy stuff!

Remember the net dress (to catch a man, lols!), with spiral bosom covers? Well it’s definitely around!

Dress of "transparent net, to catch a man" (haha) Katy Perry on children's tv no less!

Pick your reference, now:  Gaultier or Madonna, they knew it was coming:

Did you catch the built up shoulders on the, “dress that can go from morning, to afternoon, to evening?”  Look at today’s trends below and all around us.   And it did make me giggle that they featured women’s trousers.  They’re definitely a wardrobe staple we never think of as cutting edge or modern.

But did we fall behind a bit?    Its 2011 and sometimes we still change clothes for night.  Silly us!

Dress of net (mesh), built up shoulders, semi-cantilevered shoes. Yesterday's news is another woman's treasure!

Marc Jacobs and United Nude did it best for their cantilevered shoes:

The Backwards Heel by Marc Jacobs

United Nude rules the cantilevered shoe world. A modern classic.

Remember this lady Gaga moment…no not the built-up shoulder or the fun with Ellen, the elephant in the room, her solar system hat as seen on the male model:

Lady Gaga Wears Hand-me-down Metal Headpiece from Mr. 2000 on National TV!

Speaking of Men’s Wear,  it IS pants all the time for the woman, since Ellen got her show.  (Go Ellen!)  They stated the modern man had “no colors, no shaving, no ties or buttons,” well this sounds like a man’s dream come true!! Lots of examples of hairy dudes in zipper clothes.   But, what did Mr. 2000 come with?  “Just a telephone, a radio and a container for change..”  In other words the urban safari uniform:  mobile phone, iPod, and the (gulp) fanny pack.  (Let us never mention this item again.)  See the colorless clothes of  Modern Man.  See him with his wires and practical pockets:

Wires, no color, not buttoned. He's only missing the radio transmitter head-piece. But Lady Gaga has that covered.

Straight outta the latest Banana Republic collection. All practical and "no color" as predicted.

The practical longings of men-folk.  Someone’s gotta do it… Zzz

We’re shooting and short on time this week, but hope you enjoyed this interesting time leap!  We welcome your comments and discussion ideas.   We are so lucky, as Happiness Series readers, that we’re thinking of pop-culture, and not our basic survival.  This week our heart goes out to Japan, and we remember its one world, in our hands.  If we wish to take a moment and a few dollars to help out the Red Cross, it will be meaningful to someone,


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About the Author: Aqua, (yes, its her real name), Catlin is an Aussie-American Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor as well as Stylist. She’s costumed Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, Billy Baldwin and Arye Gross among others, has worked with models, musicians, playmates and in various roles Serena Williams and Oprah Winfrey. Aqua’s work is considered, on budget, on time and adds production value and a friendly on-set face! You’ll be glad you trusted your project to Aqua. Questions? Great! Contact us here: E-mail [email protected]

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