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Astrological Forecast for 2011

By Bob Mulligan

As the months unfold we will discuss 2011 in some detail, but now, at the beginning of the year it might be good for us to peek forward at the major events of this year. This is a time of rapid change as we switch from a planning mood into activity. For the last two years we have been connecting with our roots and now we are forging ahead. The first half of the year is the best time to act affirmingly on our closely held ideals… this is a year blessed with many lucky opportunities. The second half of the year is more taken up with consolidation and achieving practical results for our efforts. But, the whole year will be focused on the invention of new methods and new ideas. Neptune (the planet of culture) starts the slow transition into Pisces after having been in Aquarius for the last 13 years. After the blistering pace of inventions and the emphasis being on everyone doing their own thing, we will be moving into a time where we feel the emotional bond with each other. This will lead to a social revolution during the next five years and the world continues to purge itself of human created difficulties.

We will see several opportunities open up on several fronts as Uranus moves into Aries and Jupiter transits from Pisces to Aries, then Taurus. Taking advantage of this time period will take some planning but everyone has the ability to participate in this transition.

2011 contains 6 eclipses, 4 solar and 2 lunar. This immense eclipse activity opens doors that have been closed for a long time. This is the most active eclipse year since 1982. Our transiting North Node of the Moon moves from Capricorn into Sagittarius, signaling a cultural shift from being overly concerned with our personal lives to becoming interested in locating the information necessary to solve real problems. We let go of the past and embark on uncharted waters.

Jupiter makes 6 major aspects to outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) encouraging us to use our enthusiasm and ability to tackle long standing difficulties. Action creates opportunity. (If you missed my talk on 2011, it is available on DVD, please check out my website for


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