Weekly Astrology February 12-18, 2018

From February 12th to the 18th just because we can wipe the slate clean and start over, doesn’t mean we should.  This is a moment for gathering and sorting.  We have plans, and there is no reason to jettison them, even though circumstances have changed.  Still, the world is in a massive reset mode; by reflection, it may be prudent to wait until next week before taking irreversible actions.
12th – Monday –  Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Mars Parallel Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Saturn –   Basic impulses may not be in agreement with our common sense.  Outbursts of anger can cause damage.  Even if it means hearing and seeing some things we wish weren’t the case, we really need mental acumen.  Fear may be hampering our momentum, but at the same time telling us something important. 
13th – Tuesday – Mercury Square Jupiter, Sun Sextile Uranus –  It is good to remember that just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work for us now.   It’s time to chart a new course.  Overly grandiose expectations can lead to big disappointments.  Some sacrifices are necessary in order to progress.
14th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-square Pluto –  When we are overly sensitive, our feelings are hurt.  Being brave, and taking a bold step forward, can help us through a tough patch with others.  It is not easy to dissipate an all or nothing mentality but moderation is necessary.
15th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, the New Moon Eclipse is on the 27th degree of Aquarius at 4:06 PM EST, Venus Sextile Saturn –  Our own concerns can seem so small next to the circumstances in the world.  We all must decide how involved we will be in the big picture of life.  Theory and good sentiment is fine, but now we need to be able to render practical help to our troubled world or just stay quiet.
16th – Friday –  Take a chance; extend yourself to others.  Love is never a bad thing.  There are people who are in a combative mood and not every act of kindness is well received.  Atmospheric turbulence in the collective psyche can promote misunderstandings; your motives may be misinterpreted.  Do good anyway.
17th – Saturday – Mars Square Neptune, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury enters Pisces –  We can be rendered helpless if we are overwhelmed by emotions.  It is good to empathize with others and with society in general.  However, in order to be part of the solution to the ills of the world, we have to be able to function effectively in our own lives.  It is necessary to channel our spiritual insights into tangible results in everyday circumstances.
18th – Sunday –  Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Sun enters Pisces –  Some separation from responsibilities, routines, and close friends and lovers may be required in order to see what is going on inside our own soul.  Self-exploration requires isolation (or at least insulation).  It is easy to be pulled downstream by forceful currents in the common society now. It is good to affirm why you are on the planet.

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