Astrology for February 2018

It may be easy to “write off” February as a less significant month, because major outer planetary interactions seem minor.  However, a few important celestial considerations in February foretell our future over the next few years. Pluto is crossing his own South Node (a planetary Node is the place where the planet crosses the ecliptic).  Every planet has a North and a South Node on the Ecliptic which has the same effect as the planet only more intense.  The North Node is always more progressive and the South Node is always more habit bound. Next year Pluto will cross the South Node of Saturn.  In January 2020 Saturn and Pluto will Conjunct.  This will close a chapter of world history.  In February we are receiving some ironic foreshadowing of coming events.  Saturn is karma and Pluto is infinite power; we have entered a time where each of us will have a great responsibility to handle our own shortcomings without fanfare or regret.  The world is changing and we must change with it.  We have a Solar Eclipse on the 15th of February.  This is a cosmic reset and will place the globe on a more progressive course.  It’s a great time to reaffirm (or alter) what we wish to achieve during the next few years.  Just as Jupiter (planet of abundance) was entering Scorpio (sign of sexuality and secrets) in October of 2017, the story of Harvey Weinstein broke, setting off a firestorm of allegations of sexual misconduct.  Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November of 2018.  Jupiter Squaring the Eclipse is a messenger indicating that our striving for sexual equality has turned the corner; more good in this arena emerges over the next couple of years.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on February 15th is on the 27th degree of Aquarius at 4:06 PM EST.  Mercury is Conjunct the Eclipse.  This combination Squares Jupiter and Sextiles Uranus.  We are prompted to take some bold steps; but there is a danger that we can extend ourselves beyond our foundations.  Venus Conjuncts Neptune and Squares Mars; even with the best of intentions we still end up with uncertain results. Our higher values may be guiding our aim, but impatience, or an overblown sense of mission, may bring unintended consequences.  Saturn in Capricorn Sextile Venus in Pisces is an indication that practical goals must be the focus of our good intentions.  This Eclipse opens many doors, but a cautious approach is only prudent.  Still, with Mars Trine the North Node of the Moon, we must continue promoting the things we really believe in.  Even with the most accurate analysis we are left with some disturbing emotional imprints.  Common sense and optimism can help us balance uncomfortable feelings.
The Sun Crosses into Pisces on the 18th at 12:19 PM EST.  With the Moon in Aries as the Sun crosses into Pisces, and no air in the chart, things are likely to develop with great haste.  People seem unusually sure of themselves and we are willing to believe in many things unseen; but even with this, emotional satisfaction can elude us.  It is best if we are able to take every disappointment now as a chance to see deeper into our own motivation.  This month contains great joy if we are looking in the right place.

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