Higher Tea – The Detox Tea by Sophie Howard

How would you score your energy levels on a scale of 1-10? How about the quality of last night’s sleep? Do you feel stressed?
Chances are that these important measures of our health and wellbeing are out of alignment. We face a lot of pressures in the modern world and there can be a vicious circle where energy, sleep and stress can start to pull us down.
One way to reset the stress levels, increase energy and ensure a good nights sleep is to do a herbal tea detox. The benefits of 14 days clearing our bodies of caffeine and ensuring we get that antioxidant punch plus all the incredible benefits of the herbs mean we can feel like a new person.
As a qualified Naturopath I like to help people using natural and safe remedies, which are effective for these modern ailments such as stress, lethargy and poor sleep.
A few days into a tea detox using a herbal tea (not a senna-based tea, these are just laxatives and not a proper detox at all), we start to feel lighter and leaner as the bloating starts to ease. We feel calmer and less frazzled with no caffine in your system. With the digestive system and major detox organs (liver and kidneys)  supported by the herbs our bodies will digest food better, extracting all the energy and leaving us feeling fuller for longer. Plus we’ll sleep better so will awake refreshed and bright. Maybe even before the alarm clock!
So as Spring beckons, it’s a great time to think about a gentle herbal tea detox to refresh body, mind and spirit.
By Sophie Howard

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