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I love fitness classes. Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, cardio dance, zumba,and step aerobics are just a small sampling of all the classes I have taken through the years. If there is a grape vine happening, I will be there. I love group classes because I like the supportive, non competitive environment. I have always prided myself on not being competitive. This probably accounts for why I was willing to sign up for a sprint triathlon despite never even doing a 5K. I liked the idea that it was a group of women working together to achieve a common goal. I assumed it was something we would do together, laughing as faster, fitter people past us by. It wouldn’t matter if we were slow because we were doing it together, right? Work out buddies unite!

Wrong. In the midst of training for my triathlon, I have discovered something really shocking. In working with these amazing, awesome, dedicated and focused women, I have found a nasty character trait I didn’t know existed in myself. I am (sit down, wait for it)…competitive. (GASP!!!!)

I know! I am shocked by it. I mean, for years I have been saying how non-competitive I am. I never cared who won the game, only that we went out for drinks afterwards. But now, all I want to do is run, bike and swim faster then everyone else. When we go to the track, I am so pisssed when my teammates run by me. I readily admit that they have been training for over a year and have hundreds of miles between them. Well, my Couch to 5K app says I have 56.9 miles under my belt. So watch out, ultra marathoners, I am coming for you. Averaging 1100 meters each week in the pool, Michael Phelps has nothing on me. And I don’t need to dope, because I climb hills like a boss.

What is different? What brought out this competitive streak in me? ow did I go from grape vining to barreling down hills at 23 miles an hour? I believe it is the company I keep. Simply put, working with a coach and this group of women, who all have varying levels of skill and training, has forced me to want to move faster, stronger and swifter. My tri group is my motivation, my encouragement, my support, my joy. Even when I am training alone, I am reminded that they are doing the same, and eventually we will meet up at practice to see just how far our training has brought us.

We all need a team. Whether it is our partner, our friends, or our running group, there is something magical in how we can come together and support each other to accomplish our goals. Often we forget this, and we just assume we have to shoulder it alone. But, alone isn’t always best. And often, it is a detriment. Even with my fancy apps and Facebook status updates, I can say that I could not do this training on my own. I need the support of my coach and team mates.

How do you motivate to get fit? Who supports you to reach your goal? Are you the lone wolf who goes it alone? Or do you have a group that gets behind you, to push your forward even when you think you can not?



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About the Author: Courtney Abrams is a Health Coach and Founder of Roslyn Wellness. Trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she helps clients work within the realities of their day to day lives to find ways to make small and manageable changes to their health that can maintained over time. Her clients include people trying to lose weight, beat sugar, increase their energy, cook simple healthful food and reduce stress to name a few. She also shares a passion for food policy and educating people about the foods they are eating and the governmental role behind much of it. You can learn more about Courtney and Roslyn Wellness at

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