Weekly Forecast February 17-23, 2014

From February 17th to the 23rd our higher ideals will not rest and we either embrace the real substance of our reason for existing in the first place, or we escape into fantasy.  Civilization is transforming at the speed of light and we can easily be caught between our preconceptions of the past and our visions for the future.

17th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus – We need to be careful in our expressions.  Misunderstandings occur when we are in too big a hurry.   How we deal with pent up frustrations will set the tone for all our conversations.

18th – Tuesday – Sun enters Pisces – We see opportunity lurking and are tempted to take a chance on what turns out to be a long shot.  Appearances are fooling so balance possible risks with perceived rewards before acting.

19th – Wednesday – Mercury Parallel Neptune, Mercury Square Saturn, Venus Semi-square Neptune – Somehow, we keep dreaming of ways to improve our situation even when the ever present obstacles obviously need attention.  Our mind needs to be guided back to some basic harmony with the environment.

20th – Thursday – Sun Parallel Mercury – Aligning our thoughts with the concepts of others can allow us to find peace and a new chance at completing an old project. Follow the intuitions of the moment and luck unfolds the key to a better life.

21st – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Parallel Neptune – It is easy to feel at one with the cosmos.  This is the time to slow down and take a deep breath; admire the beauty of creation and know your place in it is important.

22nd – Saturday – A sudden burst of new enthusiasm can make an ordinary day seem like an adventure.  Rather than just enjoying the day (which is certainly ok) why not create something?  Self-expression is good for the soul.

23rd – Sunday – Sun Conjunct Neptune – Indulge the feeling of generosity by doing something good for others. “Real happiness lies in making others happy.” – Meher Baba

Meher Baba


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