Weekly Forecast February 10-16, 2014

From February 10th to the 16th we all change directions a few times.  Travel, dialogue, and problem solving seem to be the backdrop of our mental life.  It is a week full of many pleasant challenges.  Even though we are moving forward, we deal with problems of things that have been in motion for quite a while.

Full Moon this week

10th – Monday – Robust enthusiasm and grand plans can propel us forward on a grand adventure.  As obstacles unexpectedly emerge, solutions come through switching directions as an instant accommodation to new circumstances.

11th – Tuesday – Sun Square Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Venus, Venus Parallel Saturn – It is a time of building relationships and establishing trust.  Firm foundations and carefully delineated boundaries help us define our relative worth to the various compartments of our lives.

12th – Wednesday – Mercury enters Aquarius – Since the first of the year we have been coming up with some great ideas and new approaches to old problems.  However, concepts adopted to free us have inadvertently become just another part of our established mental routines; now is the time to re-energize, break with the past, and leave the self created prison of illusions.

13th – Thursday – Sun Semi-square Uranus – We can’t suppress the urge for freedom but we don’t have to be iconoclastic.  Sometimes even random change can show us a better life.  We do well to evaluate our new options with an eye to increase the amount of joy we experience.

14th – Friday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, the Full Moon is at 6:54 PM EST on the 26th degree of Leo/Aquarius, Sun Trine Mars – This is a Valentine’s Day to remember as bountiful enthusiasm keeps us in the mood to share excitement with others.

15th – Saturday Mercury Semi-square Pluto, Sun Conjunct Mercury – We simplify our mental life by jettisoning worn-out ideas and procedures.  This is a day of starting over on some critical piece of our life with others.

16th – Sunday – Mercury Trine Mars, Sun Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter – We have the urge to act quickly on our thoughts.  Not every idea is worthy of action but conveying new concepts and methods to our friends and close ones can stimulate our own thinking. Sharing can be mind expanding.


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