Weekly Forecast February 1-9, 2014

From February 1st to the 9th there is ample excitement in our personal lives as people come and go randomly each day, but there is lack of cohesiveness.  It is as if most people seem lost in their own inner challenges and what is accomplished on the international scene happens behind closed doors.  This is a time of learning about ourselves.

1st – Saturday – Sun Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Parallel Neptune – We may see more than we are capable of translating into anything practical.  We stand on the edge of change; personal considerations have a way of overwhelming the obvious larger events of the world; we can view an ironic foreshadowing of coming events.

2nd – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Venus – We keep moving as there are tasks that must be accomplished but it is really a day for dreaming.  Take time to listen to your inner self.

3rd – Monday – Sun Parallel Saturn – Many interruptions take us away from our ordinary work; discipline can bring us back to our current circumstances.  It is possible to get closure on important projects now.

4th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Venus – With a few sharp turns we get realigned today with our major project of the moment.  This is the time to remember what is really important to us in the long run.

5th – Wednesday – Everyone seems to be in a mellow mood.  We have a tendency to think about things that are far removed from our present circumstances.  We dream about things in a more ideal fashion and long for improved conditions.  We may be getting ahead of ourselves because there are detours just ahead; still, time spent picturing a manifestation of a cherished value is more than just escapism.  We need to be able to keep hold of this picture.

6th – Thursday – Mercury turns Retrograde – Through a gradual transition we see the difficulties in our current plans emerge.  A shift into a stepwise approach has us recalibrating our timeline on the fly.

7th – Friday – An overactive mind can absorb too much of our attention without yielding a useful end product.  With some difficulty we can stay on task and complete the necessary requirements of the moment.  Unwanted thoughts are worth analyzing later as amidst the confusion there may be useful information.

8th – Saturday – Vague uncomfortable feelings must be overcome in order to drink in the value of the day.  We may feel that we are not up to the task of that material in front of us today; confidence and patience are needed.

9th – Sunday – Tremendous mental activity can bring us to a new understanding of ourselves and of life.  Social instincts are polished as we strive to feel part of a community; it is pleasurable to connect with something larger than our own lives.



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