A Little Help From Our Friends

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

On any path of growth it’s imperative to have a guide, a teacher, an advocate. Someone in your life who cheers you on, who helps keep you moving forward, who doesn’t let you fall into self-doubt, and who sees your clearly.

As you may know, I’m writing about my own journey of weight loss, round two. This isn’t my first rodeo, so I know some of the things I need to have in place: a structured workout schedule, healthy food in the fridge, a full night’s sleep, and an advocate.

Lucky for me I have a few, one is Tania Van Pelt, creator of the Ageless Diet™. Another is my best friend, who tells me I’m beautiful, every time I tell her I stepped on the scale. And, I have a personal trainer. Now, I know what you are thinking, “but, aren’t you a yoga teacher? Why do you need someone to teach you about health and fitness?”

Well, yes, I am a yoga teacher, but no matter your profession, if you have a goal or a mission you want to accomplish you need an advocate to stand with you. Someone invested in you and your goals to keep you on track, and to hold you accountable when you don’t want to show up for yourself. We are all human, we all get lazy, we all have bad days, and we all have moments of self-doubt and loss of perspective.

On the path of yoga we always recommend finding a teacher to guide you. And, as a student it’s so clear when your teacher has a teacher; he or she has a sense of humility, respect, and, generally, is more effective in connecting with you, the student.

As humans, we are social creatures needing love, affection, and support, but somehow, when we set goals we become hard on ourselves, expecting to be strong enough to forge the path alone. I spent years trying to lose weight, trying to balance in headstand, and trying to ace math class. In each of these instances I was up for the challenge, and it was my trainer, my teacher, and my tutor that guided me to the finish line.

The great yogis say that the Guru is simply a mirror of yourself. We all need a teacher to help us clearly see our ultimate potential.


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About the Author: Padmini Veronica Perretti teaches yoga classes, workshops, and teacher trainings in NYC, where she provides a bridge between the new age wisdom of A Course in Miraclesand the traditional teachings of theYoga Sutra of Patanjali. She is currently writing a series called the Trials and Tribulations of a Curvaceous Yogini. You can learn more about Padmini and read her blog at www. mahapadmayoga.com. She writes for Happiness Series about her exploration of yoga philosophy and meditation through the lenses of weight loss, body image, and self-love.


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