Weekly Forecast February 25-28

From February 25th through the 28th we do best if we can find beauty in the most common people, things, and events in our everyday lives. Abandoning circumstances we have outgrown reveals the hidden charm of our lives that was buried beneath things that stayed with us, not by choice but through inertia. Part of finding true love is saying “no” to everything else.

25th – Monday – Venus Parallel Saturn, the Full Moon is at 7 degrees of Virgo at 3:26 PM EST, Sun Square Jupiter, Venus enters Pisces – Are we able to look beyond the stress of the moment and see the bright future that is just a short distance in front of us? This is our challenge. There is a feeling of wandering around blindly trying to find our path. Making plans is difficult mostly because of uncertainty in the environment, but we still have to come to terms with our own internal conflict. Be pleasant to others and it comes back to you.

26th – Tuesday – Mercury Conjunct Mars – Staying grounded allows us to be effective. Both anger and fantasy can stop us from moving forward. We need to converse with our significant partners in order to have a realistic picture of what is occurring in our lives now.

27th – Wednesday – Luck, creativity, and a bold vision of the future propels us forward. The spirit of love and an optimistic picture of our own future gives a foundation to establish good relationships now.

28th – Thursday – Venus Conjunct Neptune – Feelings of love inspire us; there is a romantic twist to everything we do today. Our ideals are powerful and we work to manifest them.






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