The Oscar Worthy Man

Is There Such a Thing as an Oscar-Worthy Man?

The Oscars

In advance of this Sunday’s Academy Awards, I decided to focus on my favorite topic: men. Namely, the men nominated for ‘Best Actor.’ Though these guys are clearly all great thespians (Daniel Day-Lewis, I’m specifically talking to you) I had to wonder: are they as great in love as they are on the big screen? Should my fantasies exist solely on celluloid (now I’m talking to you Bradley Cooper) or should I truly be envious of their wives/girlfriends/pieces on the side?

The Best Actor Nominees

First, let’s look at the facts.


  • Romantic history: Married to Jennifer Esposito from 2006-2007. She filed for divorce siting “irreconcilable differences”. It has been reported that the only thing ‘irreconcilable’ were his views on monogamy. The Silver Linings Playbook star was in a long-term relationship with Renee Zellweger from 2009-2011 and is currently off-again with on-again/off-again respective other Zoe Saldana.


  • Romantic history: The Flight star married Pauletta Pearson, whom he met on the set of his first series, Wilma, on June 25, 1983. They have four children . In 1995, the couple renewed their wedding vows in South Africa with Archbishop Desmond Tutu officiating.


  • Romantic history: The sexy Les Miserables star married Deborra-Lee Furness on April 11, 1996 after meeting on the set of Australian TV show Correli. The 44-year-old, who is often named as one of the sexiest men in the world, even designed Furness’ engagement ring. They are the parents of two adopted children.


  • Romantic history: The 38-year-old The Master star dated Liv Tyler in the 1990′s but his love life hasn’t been publicized since. We do know that he checked into rehab in 2005, pursued a career in rapping, sported a truly ugly Rumplestiltsken-like beard for a year, promised he would retire from acting…and then called the Academy Awards “bullshit” just before receiving a nomination. Ahem.


Lincoln star (and Oscar frontrunner) Daniel Day-Lewis had a relationship (and a child) with stunning French actress Isabelle Adjani for six years before settling down with playwright Arthur Miller’s daughter, Rebecca, while working on the big-screen version of The Crucible in 1996. They married later the same year and have three children.

But what do you think? Does fantasy match up with reality? Do we go for a stunning man like BC who might not make us happy in the long run, or a poetic old soul who’s less visually appealing like Day-Lewis? Does an award under his belt mean he’ll really be happy to see you at the end of the day? Ah, questions.

Personally, if I were a betting woman in the love stakes, my money would be on Denzel. But hey, at least we have options. There’s something for everyone — and you have to choose what makes you happy because love is the real award, right?



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