Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal just celebrated its Centennial (photo courtesy of STV)

About a week ago, I took the short cut through Grand Central Terminal, through the entrance on Vanderbilt, down the escalator into the magnificent space with the crowds and chaos.  I always love my adventures through this building.  I can never get enough of the ceiling with it’s constellations in the Grand Concourse (does anyone still call it that?), the crowds rushing through, the fact that there are 7, maybe 8, entrances into one main area, so there is a mad race at all times and you have to look in every direction during rush hour.  So much to take in, the big board above the ticket windows announcing departures and arrivals.. and the little boards in their brass frames at the entrance of each track.  All the commotion, this to me, is New York at it’s finest.

On this particular day, I was reminded of the romance of the terminal.  It is not hard to imagine, as people are greeting each other,  families reuniting, strangers looking for each other at the information booth. It is easy to remember images through the decades of this building from movies and tv shows, black and white images from long ago.

As I was making my way through the terminal, past the tourists looking up or taking pictures, the people texting as they were walking through,  the commuters hustling to catch their trains, I turned to my left and spotted this couple..tucked away in a corner of the room, oblivious of what was going on behind them or perhaps contemplating what lies ahead.  A quiet, magical moment in the midst of chaos. Grand Central Terminal.

Photo by Grace Lissauer

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