February 2013


Let’s face it; February 2013 is a somber month. Yes, there are buckets of inspiration as the inner planets transit over Neptune in his home sign of Pisces; there is luck asVenus, Jupiter, and Uranus aspect each other.  But, really, Saturn (lord of karma) and Pluto (king of the underworld) stay connected with each other and also most everything else. This means that although much can (and will) be accomplished, this is a time of getting down to work.  Saturn and Mercury turn Retrograde. Going backwards means reviewing our past processes. Both are planets referring to our thought process; Saturn (melancholy) and Mercury (reasoning); they are each in (empathic) water signs.  This is a time of profound emotional re-evaluation and it will have a direct and immediate effect on our relationships.

The New Moon on February 10th is at 2:21 AM EST at 21 degrees of Aquarius. This is a moment where we are being challenged to think in bigger terms and to expand the circle of our lives. Aquarius is the symbol of freedom. But, what does freedom mean? This New Moon is under stress from a Square to the Nodal axis (karmic direction) and Semi-square Uranus (god of freedom). Breaking the chains of ordinary regulations doesn’t have to be spontaneous, iconoclastic, chaos. We need to be moving toward something not just away from our past. Uranus is Sextile both Venus (goddess of love) and Jupiter (king of the gods) showing that if we create a vision of a positive future, we can move toward it now.

The Sun moves into Pisces February 18th at 7:02 AM EST. Pisces is the sign of merging and eliminating all distinctions. This is the month of forgetting and forgiving. This year the Sun moves into a crowded sign as Neptune, Mars, and Mercury are already there; these planets are in harmonious aspect with the Pluto/Saturn mutual reception which has dominated the sky since last October.  This combination is responsible for our new found sobriety. Now, this solar month shows that genuine inspiration (Pisces) can breathe life to all this determination (Saturn Sextile Pluto). This is a most productive time.

The Full Moon on February 25th at 3:26 AM EST is at 7 degrees of Virgo which shows the dynamic tension between the practical (Virgo) and the visionary (Pisces). This is the time to use our intelligence to eliminate everything that doesn’t serve our higher principles and our lifetime goals. With four planets in Pisces (sign of sacrifice) Sextiling Pluto and Trining Saturn, this is the perfect time to put our emotional house in order. We can’t establish good boundaries until we stop past obligations from draining our resources. Now is the time to cut loose.



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