Chinese New Year, Feng Shui & What To DO

This year the Chinese New Year, the year of the snake, is February 10th. It’s the new moon. So it’s the lunar new year. This is great time to tackle spring cleaning, clear out the old and unused, and make room for the new, literally and metaphorically. I’ve consulted a feng shui expert, Jorge Ledesma, and here are his tips and advice for what to do to prepare yourself and your living space, physically, mentally and emotionally, for the Chinese New Year. And I find on any new moon, this is a great time to set intentions and put out to the universe what you need.

Make a beautiful spread of things that are gold & round for prosperity

So just a little background on the Year of the Snake. There are four good corners this year. North (work), Northeast (wealth), Northwest (good fortune of a speculative kind), and South (multiplying kind of good fortune, your future). Jorge’s advice is to project into these corners what you would like to happen in your life. You can also, if you like, put physical talismans or items of emotional importance to you in these corners. Bear in mind, though, that if you feel obligated or overwhelmed by any of this, skip it, do only the things that excite you. This shouldn’t feel like an obligation.

One to five days beforehand:

  • Do a thorough cleaning. Sweeping and cleaning on the first day of the New Year is considered bad luck because it can sweep all the good luck out the door. The god of luck is said to avoid dirty houses. So clean now but don’t clean your house on the 10th or for 3 days after. If you can’t physically clean your house, do a psychic cleaning of your space. (Go counter-clockwise around your space to the door and then return clockwise from the door, use incense or a bell to help you get there “mentally”.)
  • Take Time to Clear & Forgive. When cleaning your space, physically or mentally, take time to forgive and clear out bad energy from your mind, anger, envy, fear, worry. Forgive yourself most of all. After you forgive, invite in goodness, for yourself and others. Invite all that you wish for yourself.
  • Make a Beautiful Spread or Arrangement on Your Table. Make a beautiful arrangement of things that are gold and round. Things like clementines, oranges, make sure to eat them & to share, for prosperity.

    Bowls of oranges, more good feng shui, share them & share the prosperity

  • Be Present. Be present with all that you have in your home.
  • Make New Year Preparations. Organize, buy a new outfit (or find one in your closet you really love), clean, declutter, re-arrange and refresh your decor.
  • Purchase flowers. Bulbs, such as daffodils or hyacinths, are especially auspicious. Display these bulbs in a prominent place.
  • Make a List of Your Wishes. Make your wish list for what you want in each of the 4 sections (North, Northeast, Northwest, and South) of the Year of the Snake.

On the day of the New Year:

  • Go out to eat for your meals. Eat one of your oranges (and share!) in the bowls you arranged. Go out for dinner. No work today. And if you do eat at home, keep it simple. Cutting and chopping food represents cutting your luck — and work.
  • Wear new clothes today. Why? So that you can renew yourself. And if you can’t find something new, wear your best this day. Look good, feel good.
  • Have a good day. Take the day off from worry and anxiety. No yelling, getting angry, worrying or fretting. Be kind. Have an open heart & the best intentions for this new year, for yourself & the planet.
  • You are your own oracle. Your actions set up the year for you. So act with pure, good intention.

For those of you curious about the sections or directions that the year of the snake focusses on, here’s a little more information on that. And if you do want some physical object to place in this corner of your home, here are a few suggestions from Jorge.

Fresh flowers like hyacinth are great to have around.

North: Work. Get an elephant or blue rhino (can even be a toy) or a water feature. The idea is something blue & something that represents water for you.
Northeast: Wealth. Flowers (have these fresh flowers in this area all  year round) or a flowering potted plant.
Northwest: Good Fortune of a Speculative Kind. Wooden chimes or blessing coins or old coins (the idea is that they’ve been circulated a lot). 9 red envelopes with a dollar each (keep them for a year & then you can spend it next year).
West: Violence. To nullify, put up anything that signifies water to you.
Center: Misfortune. To nullify misfortune get metal. Put it at the center of your house. A metal bell with a beautiful clear sound will work. And ring it 6 times in the morning. It will help keep you present. The bell sound immediately gets you in the NOW. When you’re feeling worried, stressed, fearful, ring the bell, ground yourself.
East: Argumentative. Fire. Candles, incense. Something that signifies fire to you.
Southeast: Romance/Relationship. A dragon. Something that represents happiness to you. Something that signifies strength to you.
South: Good Fortune of  a Multiplying Kind, Your Future. A money bowl. A wealth bowl. Something that represents wealth to you.
Southwest: Health/Illness. A monkey. Hanuman (Hindu monkey god), something that represents good health and wellness to you.
Hope you all enjoyed these tips. Again, there are just suggestions and anything that feels overwhelming or obligatory, skip it. This is meant to be a time of reflection, rejuvenation and  joy… and spring cleaning! Thanks Jorge for the advice and for sharing your expertise.
Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you all a bright, happy, healthy, successful Year of the Snake.

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