Astrology for February 1-3

From February 1st through the 3rd new thoughts and new energy encourages us to take a fresh look at our whole battery of relationships.  This may lead to a reappraisal of how we conduct our own lives. This can be a time of starting over and sharing of ourselves in a new way.

1st – Friday – Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mars enters Pisces, Venus enters Aquarius, and Venus Semi-sextile Mars – We are jubilant. We expect good things to happen. We are having our dials reset. The landscape is shifting and we are moving to adapt to the new environment. We can change any relationship with some effort and a new vision of what is possible.

2nd – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto – Harmless comments can create difficulties. We can get the answers we are looking for now if we remain tactful.

Stars in the sky

3rd – Sunday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune – Our search for harmony can be successful when we accept that our vision of the beautiful may be way out in front of where other people are prepared to go. Moments of big visions can be punctuated by incremental gains.




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