Weekly Astrological Forecast February 6-12

From February 6th to the 12th we take a deep breath then move in a new direction. Our lives suddenly seem more exciting. New people and new circumstances make an interesting mix. Get closure on past projects before starting new ones or life will become burdensome later on down the road.

6th – Monday – Sun Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Uranus – New information may not be all that helpful, but expanding our horizons is generally a good thing anyway.  Be calm if others don’t seem so keen on your insights.  Friends and family are tense; there is a lot of insecurity around recent events.

7th – Tuesday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Saturn turns Retrograde, Venus Quincunx Saturn, the Full Moon – Even though there is a feeling of urgency and we are tempted to throw ourselves into action, the path forward seems uncertain and it is not so clear as to what exactly we should do. Be patient; watch, wait, and plan.

8th – Wednesday – Venus enters Aries, Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus – We seek harmony in a counterintuitive manner.  Be sure that you can stay in contact with your inner being while reaching out to others.

9th – Thursday – Mercury Quincunx Mars, Venus Parallel Uranus, Venus Conjunct Uranus – Our feelings change abruptly…we are apt to notice people in our environment that have been around for a while without being in our line of vision.  Self improvement is the motif that brings a feeling of satisfaction.

10th – Friday – Sun Quincunx Mars, Mercury Semi-square Pluto – Frustration can be overwhelming if we are in a hurry and feel a compulsion to act.  It’s best to examine circumstances, talk to natural allies, and wait for more information.

11th – Saturday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Neptune, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter – You know, the big danger today is that when great expectations don’t materialize that we will miss the wonderful gift that is being offered up to each of us.  This is a wonderful day, just very different from what we had been anticipating.

12th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Pluto – Integration of our heart contents and thought process seems to be an unachievable goal. Innovative impulses have to find a practical expression or otherwise be “tabled” for a while.  We are missing important data now; we see some things without being able to understand their true importance.  We will be able to accomplish so much during the next two days; timing is everything now.





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