Weekly Astrological Forecast February 1-5

From February 1st to the 5th we overcome a very agitated pace of life to become more harmonious and more accepting of circumstances.  Our natural inclination now is to focus on things and people that we have overlooked in the past few weeks. New solutions are always present but now they may even be practical.

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1st – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus Opposite Mars – We can try to reason our way through uncomfortable feelings seemingly created by shifting circumstances. However, when we understand that the urge to “get it right” has been carried too far, we naturally gravitate back toward balance.

2nd – Thursday –Versatility and changes in attitude keep us running in circles if we aren’t committed to a clear direction.  Using other people as a sounding board may or may not give us clarity. Be careful to select people you can really trust if you are going to examine your personal circumstances.

3rd – Friday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Neptune enters Pisces – The shore recedes in the distance and we are clearly on our way to a new destination.  The world is transforming around us and we feel the need to be very thorough in our approach to our new life.  Avoidance is a poor option so stay involved with the details of life.

4th – Saturday – Our feelings are soft; this is a good day to fix the emotional backbone of any relationship needing repair. Be careful that you don’t over-react to other people’s erratic behavior.

5th – Sunday – Talk to people about your feelings; don’t be afraid to say what is really on your mind.  Something new can emerge in the process of exploring the emotional bonds with another.  The truth can be shocking.




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