My Superbowl Sunday

While Tom Brady plays I'll be drinking my beloved Lambrusco

I’m not a fan of football. I’ve never watched the Superbowl. But when I visit Sheila in Chicago in the winter she usually hosts a football party. (Is that what these events are called?) And I always attend. Why? The food. And during the commercial breaks her family talks to me. And they are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. The stories, the jokes, the laughter, the shouting, it’s so much fun.

Last winter, the Bears were playing another team. I know it was the Bears because these Heylins are obsessed with that team. And Sheila made her chili; Tommy made his wings. Her other brother Kevin made a fabulous marinated flank steak. And there was popcorn, veggies, hummus (doctored up with olive oil and paprika), pickles, and more. I took my bottle of lambrusco (mine, all mine!) and sat down at the table with all the food. I was in heaven.

A fave lambrusco of mine

I really was lucky because since they were watching the game, I could eat everything without any one interfering. Also, no one likes lambrusco so no one asked me to share. I’m not really into sharing my wine. So I just sat there and ate caper berries and drank my wine. It was a perfect afternoon. And then half time came and we could all hang out and continue to eat. I got the best of both worlds.

My fave lambrusco

I have to say this year I’m gonna host a Superbowl party, not because I care about the game but because it’s so much fun to eat and drink with impunity and listen to random shouts and cheers (what’s all the fuss about, guys?). And I’ll be making Tommy’s Kick Ass Wings and Sheila’s chili. And I’ll have popcorn and hummus and veggies in glasses–they look so classed up!–and wine and beer. Lots of wine and beer. Just a tip, when I make my popcorn, I make a blend with sea salt, paprika, cumin, dried thyme and oregano, and a little cayenne, and I sprinkle it all over my popcorn. It goes really well with lambrusco.



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