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The Story of Happiness Series

Sheila Heylin & Tania Van Pelt

After reading an article in the New York Times last year about plastic surgery and Hollywood actors, I started thinking about how often we all, me included, measure ourselves against these paragons of beauty, and we’re not even getting the accurate picture of what actors and models look like! And then I started thinking about how not only do we feel bad about the way we look but we may not actually look our best. We aren’t getting the food we need, the time we need, the sleep we need; we’re not taking accountability for our lives. We’re feeling toxic and looking bloated. Feeling bad and looking bad. There is no need for that. Why can’t we be happy? Why is happiness so hard to get? It’s a choice. Whatever our circumstances, we can be happy. We’re built for it. So I thought, I’d like a show and a website, where I can visit throughout the day, that shows me how to be happy. And once I decided I wanted to do a show about Happiness (the single most important pursuit in our lives is Happiness), I knew who I wanted to host it. I knew who wanted on my team for this project. I met a great woman, Sheila Heylin, through my friend, the late filmmaker George Hickenlooper, at the Denver Film Fest. I fell in love with Sheila, and her wonderful husband, the minute I met them. Sheila is happy, fulfillled, and doing the hard work to make a good, rich, happy life for herself. I wanted her secrets, her knowledge, not to mention her charisma, style, and talent, in this show. I wanted her to host Happiness Series. You watch this show, and you’ll realize there is no better person for it. You’ll agree with me. Besides Sheila, I had the great good luck to meet Donna Tavoso, our marketing director. A woman of integrity, intelligence, kindness, and generosity, and an ace at her work. Donna came on board and joined the team, and it was through her that we found the rest of the team, working behind the scenes to push this show out there. When we finally had the resources and locations to shoot our first season of Happiness Series, I had to put together a crew on the fly. I learned from Andrea (our psychic) to connect with my guides, and I asked my guides everyday to “please, please bring the right people to me.” And my guides did. We had a dynamic, good energy crew. My good friend Allen was our cinematographer, and no one will ever do it better. Our crew we found through online job postings. And each person added so much to it. Julianna, Matthew, Tom, Orla, Allen, John, Stu, Ilya, and all our guests stars. The guides worked overtime, as did we, to make these episodes. I love each episode. And our website is absolutely a place I’ll be on everyday because it’s the place I’ve been looking for with the answers I want.

Tania Van Pelt

Tania, John, our cameraman, and Sheila


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