Weekly Astrology January 7-13, 2019

From January 7th to the 13th we are propelled forward by wild enthusiasm and high idealism.  We may be moving against the grain of external events. Caution takes a back seat as we are off on an adventure or two.  It is smart to avoid situations where many people are pushing strongly held beliefs, even when we agree with the substance of what is being said.  Overreach can spell trouble for all concerned.   Having fun doesn’t have to mean being crazy.


7th – Monday – Venus enter Sagittarius –  We experience more than can be expressed in words.  Innovative methods of self-expression satisfy our need to communicate some of our current experiences.  It’s a moment of expanse; consolidation and understanding comes later.
8th – Tuesday – Mercury Square Mars –  Our initial impulses can get us in trouble.  Anger, once expressed, has its effect.  Let others have space; it is the path to personal freedom.  If we understand our own motivation, we come closer to correctly evaluating other people’s actions.
9th – Wednesday – Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus – High hopes can power us to take great risks.  Much can be accomplished quickly.  While an optimistic mood is pervasive, there are some looming challenges; while not “deal breakers”, real issues put in motion last year can’t be completely ignored.  We are best off to proceed with caution.
10th – Thursday –  Sun Parallel Pluto –   When our cause is just, the extra energy put into projects is not wasted.  The war being waged now has long standing consequences.  Having our moral compass pointing in the right direction allows each of us to contribute to the greater good of everyone for the long term.
11th – Friday –  Sun Parallel Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Pluto –   Much is gained and the ambitions of the moment are realized.  Reflexive posturing is silly.  We need to be deeply and completely responsible for our own actions.  We need to be careful to keep our focus on what is truly important.
12th – Saturday –   A burst of enthusiasm can send us off on a wild goose chase.  Putting our attention on building relationships help us in the long run.  Pleasant interactions in the present moment, aimed at immediate concerns, brings lasting joy.  Old friends and alliances can take on new meaning, with new directives.
13th – Sunday –  Venus Semi-square Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Jupiter Square Neptune, Jupiter Parallel Pluto –  We may not be overjoyed by the tasks at hand; we may suffer emotionally.  Still, we need to take care of some pressing responsibilities and avoid hiding behind the camouflage of high sounding ideals while ignoring their immediate manifestation.  This is the time to ask important questions of ourselves and implement our truth.

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