Weekly Astrology for January 1-6, 2019

From January 1st to the 6th is a time of hope and renewal.  However, there is an underlying seriousness to the week and we look to focus our enthusiasm into the most practical channels.  Sparks of excitement come to us through our relationships both old and new.

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1st – Tuesday –  Magnetic powers of attraction are working through people, circumstances, and feelings entering our lives.  Events now are instructive, giving us clues to our own unconscious desires.  If we are smart we will “connect the dots.”
2nd – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Saturn, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter –  Realistic expectations are rewarded with positive results.  Cautious development of plans leave us with a feeling of hope and empowerment.
3rd – Thursday –  Seeing new territory, visiting undiscovered corners of our world, inspires us.  If we are attentive, premonitions of things to come filter into our consciousness.  Intuitions are a powerful motivator.  Our actions may be spontaneous, but they don’t have to be chaotic.  Sensation, reason, and intuition are on a continuum and fit together nicely.
4th – Friday – Mercury Trine Uranus, Venus Semi-square Saturn, Sun Sextile Neptune, Mercury enters Capricorn –   Mind and heart do not easily agree with each other.  Feelings of guilt or sorrow over past mistakes sap the joy from current events.  Onward and into a new set of circumstances.  We are creating a new life.
5th – Saturday – The New Moon Eclipse is at 15 degrees of Capricorn at 8:29 PM EST, Venus Quincunx Uranus –  Our desires can have us in a terrible pickle.  Quick solutions for the most part don’t work, but the long slow path to wholeness doesn’t have to be joyless.  When we keep our spirits bright help arrives.
6th – Sunday –  Uranus turns Direct, Sun Parallel Saturn –  Even though our routines are changing, having regularity in our lives helps us make a useful plan.  Success is built on past achievements, and on knowledge gained through mistakes.

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