Astrology for January 2019

There are so many articles and postings on the internet about 2020,  it’s as if 2019 somehow got lost in the shuffle.  Whereas 2020 is truly a terminal year, 2019 reveals the circumstances that made these changes necessary.  2019 is the culmination and logical extension of our last hundred years.  Every effect has a cause; there is a consolidation of our past leading to this cultural turning point.
astrology for 2019
Since November 8th, we have been enjoying Jupiter in Sagittarius, where he will remain until December 2nd, 2019.  This is a period of optimism, joy, expanse.  However, with Saturn (planet of limits) and Pluto (lord of death and rebirth) in Capricorn (sign of practicality), Jupiter’s expanse will be confined to the world of common sense.  We are learning to do more with less.   In 1993 Uranus and Neptune Conjuncted. This happens every 172 years and begins a new economic cycle.  In 2019 the last of three semi-squares between these two deities occur.  This is an adjustment period for our new reality.  At the most practical level we will see underlying economic cycles adjust and this will mean a flattening out of housing and normal financial markets.  There will be expanse and opportunities, but only within very narrow ranges.  What is most important is that we will all have a chance to alter our personal direction, to go through a transformation in consciousness.
January 2019 promises some thrilling changes and lots of “palace intrigue” around the globe.  We have a Solar Eclipse on January 5th and a Lunar Eclipse on the 21st.   Pluto is transiting his South Node making him very prominent this month.  Pluto in Capricorn usually topples someone or something in power.
The New Moon on January 5th is a Solar Eclipse at 15of Capricorn.  This Eclipse will give us all the news for the entire year as it is on the South Node (meaning carrying habits and information from the past).  This Eclipse is Conjunct Saturn and Pluto while being on the direct midpoint between the two.  The Square between Mercury and Mars shows the tug-a-war that impulse and reason are having.  Mars (god of war) is in his own sign (Aries) all month.  There is tremendous gusto in everything that happens all month.  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are all in their own signs.  Disagreements will not be minor.  Everyone has an opinion.
The Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th at 4:00 AM EST.    The Moon is Opposite Saturn and Pluto, Square Mars, and Trine Neptune. Venus is Conjunct Jupiter; Mars Trines both.  The Moon is the handle of a bucket chart showing a need to find the truth and share it with others.  The Moon in Cancer suggests we are pulled between family life and public involvement.  This will be a very active month of trying to overcome fear and limitation while concentrating on joy that can be found through exploring new options.
The Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 12:15 AM EST.  With the Sun and Moon at zero degrees of Aquarius/Leo, we are inclined to be fixed in our ways, even though these signs suggest trying something new.  Uranus is Square both from Aries, showing unexpected occurrences in the environment force change.  Mars Trines the Sagittarius/ Venus/Jupiter Conjunction from his sign, Aries. This indicates our willingness to take chances and to compete for what we really want.  Mars Squares Saturn (also in his own sign) indicating that we have to try several times in order to achieve our desired results.

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