The Feminine Time-Frame

As I’ve been saying for several years… the timeframe of the feminine is firmly upon us. No more shadow period, no more “working it in” — it is here. And it could not have come along at a better time in the evolution and involution of our species. As ever with the universe — the timing is impeccable.

Merriam Webster’s word for 2017 was “feminism.” Yet, the word is greatly misunderstood by many to have political ramifications. As stated by Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway, feminism, to her, means “anti-male” and “pro-abortion,” when in fact, according to Merriam Webster, the word is defined as “the belief that men and woman should have equal rights and opportunities.”

We project much meaning into the world around them based upon our own life experiences and personal lenses, creating our own lessons.

Though the word “feminism” is receiving its moment in the spotlight, it is truly the physics of the feminine timeframe that will bring about humanity’s most recent spiritual and cultural evolution. 

Many have turned the spiritual physics of the feminine timeframe into a political rant of one form or another, pivoting on the term “feminism” to strengthen both positive and negative cultural perceptions.

Ironically, the spiritual physics of this timeframe have the very least to do with the mechanics of traditional politics, a modality forged in the imbalanced phase of the masculine, and far more to do with the social ramifications of collective bridge-building.

The feminine timeframe is a beautiful yet complex metaphysical transition that supports humanity in harmonizing our individualized consciousness into one healing modality, in order to come up with a workable plan that works for all.

This means that ALL of us“give” a little, as opposed to some of us “giving all,” while many “give none.” It is the recognition that the idea of a “majority,” in such a diverse and interconnected world is simply an illusion created by a tribal-imprinted human psyche.

Though a group may share an opinion for a perceived greater good, the old-word idea of a one-voice majority has had its day as a polarizing teacher. 

The feminine timeframe teaches us that humans are not a hive mind. Adapting to this timeframe is one of the most exhilarating evolutionary experiences the world will experience in the next several years.

The feminine timeframe brings the exercise in balanced intelligence, both mentally and emotionally, where once intellectual and force intelligence dominated.

Some call this process “being in unity,” while others refer to this process as “ascension.” 

For me, as a spiritual translator and a musician, it is far more accurate to refer to this process as a grand harmonization. “Unity” can imply a standardization of some kind, and for those whose wounds rest in the place of being unheard or being marginalized, “unity” can mean erasure. “Ascension” can imply a hiearchy. For those whose wounds exist in areas of the old world judgement, sometimes triggered through organized religion, “ascension” can mean “being picked” or “not picked” for the righteous kickball team.

This timeframe of the feminine calls upon the physics of healing through harmonizing billions of individual perspectives, ideas, and lessons learned through wounds that have become our teachers, and it’s about supporting the many as opposed to the exaltation of the one.

In the wake of incidents surrounding Harvey Weinstein and many others (mostly male) predators, it is important to make note of the dynamics of this timeframe, so that it does not fall into the cracks of our old world need for polarization. 

In other words, let’s not divide off into Team Fem and Team Dude, and duke it out like a bad 1970’s game show.

This space in time is all about transcending the need to polarize into opposing sides, simply to justify one’s stance or opinion. That modality reflects that old world masculine, proclaiming that “might is right”. 

We do not require an enemy in order to define our purpose. It is not human nature to war. That impulse is a learned response born of an old, two dimensional world, where resources were restricted to control the masses; a world once believed to be flat, once believed to be the center of the universe.

Much as humanity wishes to believe that we are God’s most important creation time to accept it’s not true. We must now, in this feminine timeframe, release the idea of omnipotent dominion, and accept that all organisms, all people, are here to work together for a common good.  

In the case of our planet, global warming will challenge our ability to exist, and survival depends on the harmonized action.

We must decide if humanity is the virus on a global scale or a helpful antibody. So far we’ve been the virus. And a fevered earth is simply burning us off.

Yet in the United States, we are burning ourselves out even faster than the earth can burn us off, and we’re doing it through the exercise of adhering to polarized beliefs that actually restrict what is possible. I call this the Crisis Effect.

WE need to harmonize in an era of extreme polarization, which is an illusion. WE are one. The illusion is Republicans vs Democrats, Broncos vs Patriots, Men vs Women, any us against them dynamic. And, it’s important to fully understand the transformative power of the feminine timeframe and what it means for all genders. 

The Feminine Timeframe is an era of Healing and Teamwork.

Though there are many whose identities have been forged through “besting” others, the energies in the timeframe of the feminine will simply not support domination over others. 

This will be tricky for the billions who have bought into the idea of oppression and domination as primary ways of operating. 

The era of the great hyper-masculine warlord riding the horse, swinging the sword, pillaging villages and crying victory over other lands is done. 

To compensate for this dynamic shift, we see oddities in the news such as world leaders boasting about the “size” of a nuclear button on their desk, or its proximity; the lion roars in the sunset of winter. The battle cry is all that remains. It’s the last shreds of the illusion.

We all hold a piece of the key to humanity’s deliverance, and this will become clear as we travel in time, through upcoming world events, weather events, geothermal events. It is our time to come together. It is time to rid ourselves of the one habit that inhibits spiritual growth: SHAME. 

Ridding ourselves of Shame

Shame has served as a tool in the masculine timeframe to suppress the greatest gifts and talents of those around the king. Unrealistic expectations have been placed upon the masses, to be all things to all people, a template born of ego and hubris. Failure to reach this impossible task was met with shaming.

Men and women are shamed differently. Men are shamed through ego — for not knowing it all, earning all, saving all, and doing all, and for feeling too much. Women are shamed for the very same thing, yet for different reasons of being — the mother not being all for the family, for not being the peace-keeper, for not being chaste enough, for not being attractive enough, for not being fertile enough, for not being conventional enough, for not be silent, for not giving up the self to “be there” for everyone, always.

This great dysfunctional role-playing game, this great imbalance, has served to cut off both men and women from honoring and utilizing both the masculine and feminine energies within all humans. It has stripped us all of our powers. 

This stripping of chi strengths in both genders has been purposeful. Empowered people are much harder to control. Shame has been the old world’s most effective barbed-wire fence, stretching millions of miles within the minds of billions of people.

It is time to cut the wire.

Millions of transgendered, inter-gendered and non-gendered people are emerging in the world at breakneck pace during this feminine timeframe. This is perhaps the Universe’s means to right a deep imbalance caused by the need of the masculine timeframe for strict gender roles. 

Nature blends chi, or gender elements. Indigenous First World Peoples had up to eight genders in their societies, and ancient practices in Native American tribes deemed these “two-spirited” people as blessed or spirit-bringers. Modern Western Society labels these same two-spirited people as anomalies in its simplistic polarized elimination of anything except man and woman. 

Yet still we attempt to shame all we do not personally embody nor understand.

Shame is pervasive in all cultures across the globe. Quiet self-hatred is a common theme in playing out this shame. 

Men are taught self-hatred for their feminine energy, and women taught self-hatred for their masculine or their too-strong feminine energy. 

Shame seeks to strip away self-confidence and re-program a person through diminishment. Shame is only as effective as our adherence to its limiting beliefs, an old world energy of restriction. 

Shame is a cornerstone plot line for a fan-fiction version of a god who is ashamed of “his” creation, full of sinners. A “god that shames” is the sum total of the brainwashing necessary to maintain a stagnant, dying world.

Shame is a prison of the mind. 

It serves no purpose other than suppression.

To heal past shame is to regain our sense of self. To regain a sense of self is to be at peace, to discover a joyful acceptance of both the masculine and feminine chi within us all. 

Areas within the self that would benefit from improvement are not weaknesses. They are yet undeveloped strengths. We develop strengths by seeing the reflections of our actions in the responses of others.

Humanity is bio-unit

Humans work together as a pack. 

We require each other to grow. 

There is no such thing as a self-made person; this is mythology. We are all the products of a collective effort. And this feminine timeframe brings forth the grand power of the collective, which includes forgiveness, healing, and support.

At this pivotal and exciting place in history, we watch the sparks fly as the feminine energies grind the rough edges off of the masculine ethers. 

The sharpest of all recent edges is polarization. 

Polarization is a masculine energy — this vs that, black and white. It’s an instinctual energy that once sought to protect by avoiding that which is yet unknown. The me-good-you-bad simplicity of a pre-historic world is truly an outmoded manner of navigating life in the 21st century.

In an interconnected world full of so much opportunity for education, polarization is then a choice. A choice to stay insulated in one’s beliefs, whether liberal or conservative, a choice that makes harmonization tricky.

One cannot harmonize alone.

We see everyday the collapse of the old world polarization in government as team Republican crashes against team Democrat in gridlocked battle after battle. This continued denial of the new co-creation energies of the feminine timeframe will net absolutely zero progress for the USA in government, or the consciousness of our world. Not because “it’s politics,” but because the politics are not yet ready to reflect the energetic switch-over in operating systems.

The current old world operating system fears its own extinction. 

Yet functionality over ego will prevail.

For modalities that refuse to let go of the outmoded “polarized” operating system, our government for example, nature will do as it always does — the Universe will simply allow its extinction to make room for a more efficient system. 

For those deeply invested in that old world system, this evolution tends to be a more abrupt and frightening journey.

After all, that which does not evolve dies. 

Does the feminine timeframe favor women? 

The timeframe of the feminine favors no one. And that’s the point.

It’s important to note that the term “imbalanced masculine” does not place a target on males. This is often an assumption coming from the perspective of the polarized masculine, a modality that can victimize itself as easily as it has been taught to victimize others.

All human beings, both women and men and inter-gendered individuals, contain masculine and feminine energies, or Yin and Yan, or chi. Women have been subject to the imbalanced masculine, shaping their hyper-femininity in contrast to the needs of the hyper-masculine.

The masculine energies within women have been subject to the same polarized ego push. The women’s liberation movement in the 1970’s had a decidedly masculine approach to its feminine message.

It’s time to bring balance. 

In contrast to the masculine energy of polarization, co-creation is a feminine energy. 

We see areas of the world where governments and individuals put aside the ego of the hierophant and step together in a tribal effort to uphold and heal the many; actions taken for the good of the all, not the power of the one; individual financial opportunities put aside for the benefit of the earth. 

These instances are still in the minority as we emerge fully into the feminine timeframe. But it’s happening in more auspicious spaces.

Hushed victimized imbalance is flushed out as the hierophant is asked to give away the frail ego identity of the powerful leader, and to join the tribal healing effort; the “Harvey Weinsteins” are brought forward as the energies of this timeframe pushes out a deeply festering cultural and spiritual splinter embedded in the top layer of our spiritual consciousness.

For men, it’s not a witch hunt. It’s time to heal. 

This imbalance of respect for one another, be it through gender bias, subjugation, prejudice, racism, victimization, abuse, bullying or intimidation is neither healthy, nor empowering, for, or to, the masculine.

This imbalance diminishes the great power of the true balanced masculine, which has been taught to ignore the incredible power of the feminine within. 

For instance, there is nothing more terrifying in the Rocky Mountains than a mama grizzly bear. And within every male exists this most powerful energy of protection for the love of something greater than the ego or self — the inner mama grizzly bear.

Yet the masculine has been trained to disassociate from the deeply protective maternal half of its very essence, being told the “feminine within” was “weakness.”

No one wins when imbalance is re-branded as strength.

Countless generations of men emerged, full of self-hatred for half of their chi (the feminine).

The feminine timeframe is here to heal the whole, all human beings. This timeframe is nature’s way of bringing balance back to its own creation, before humanity built constructs of us-vs-them, male-vs-female — before humanity took every subtle and beautiful and delicate shade of grey and mashed it into two columns of black and white, an action of a species still developing, like a child, in order to understand the deep complexities of the universe around us.

The timeframe of the feminine does not favor females. It favors no one in particular though it does amplify the best application of the feminine strengths, whether executed through a male or female.

Females who choose the polarization of the masculine encounter the same hurdles as the masculine in the same situation.

Women will be navigating through challenges in moving forward with balanced boundaries, balanced voice, balanced stewardship (leadership), and moving forward in areas of balanced compassion for males who have been taught to hate one half of their essence (the female within), believing it a weakness. 

In this timeframe, addressing current burdens experienced by females is recommended. For women, a collective action of reaching toward each other to bring forward grievances and support one another will inspire growth and healing.

We are seeing these spiritual physics in action with the #MeToo movement.

There is wisdom in observing missteps of the past in order to heal the future. Yet to continue to live within the experience of those missteps perpetuates the wounding. 

This timeframe of the feminine asks us all to evolve into our collectively healed future that we designing… starting today. 

Time to hold the space for healing, especially we all practice accountability. 

This neither excuses nor enables victimizations of the past; it frees us all from the physics of the past, to build a new future.

Many males will feel as though their relevance is at stake, having been programmed to believe their worth lies in what they can control, rather than what they can contribute. This will inevitably lead to potential outbursts in violence as the imbalance in the masculine sometimes struggles towards balance. At this time, the Universe encourages males to stand in a place of deep personal strength and dignified accountability, rather than rushing to the poker table bluff of Old World ego and deflection. 

Males are encouraged to be patient as self-forgiveness replaces the learned shame response.

Women will be undergoing a similar adjustment within themselves through this timeframe, as women are also in the process of embracing the balanced, compassionate, and heavily-weighted raw power of the feminine. Females have practiced self-hating and body-shaming. They have been sexually shamed and exploited. Their energy has been self-denying, and they’ve martyred themselves and been martyred.

Women will seek self-forgiveness for forsaking half of their human essence (the masculine), giving away their permissions to bring forward their strengths.

Men will remain men and women remain women. The stigmas attached to both will begin to fall away. 

The feminine timeframe is about deep personal healing.

As the feminine favors introspection and connections with feelings, this timeframe supports healing for all organisms in the third dimension — humans, animals, the trees, the rocks, the water, the air. All returning to the nurturing of the mother.

This timeframe of the feminine is here for the next 100,000 years. Not only is this the natural flux of an ever-flowing spiritual tide in Universal energies, but this timeframe is also in direct response to the planet’s need to nurture itself.

It remains to be seen whether humanity is willing to give away our deepest fears, in order to be part of this continued evolution in self-nurturing. 

Rules of thumb for navigating the feminine timeframe: 

  • Let us be patient with one another. We are all learning.
  • Let us extend grace where we once extended judgement. We are all growing.
  • Let us replace judgement with self-education. We are all expanding our consciousness and this action can be scary.
  • Let us reach first for compassion and last for polarization. There are far more than two sides to every story, as each of us is constructed from millions of chapters.
  • Let us swap dogma for discussion. Our greatest triumphs as human beings lie ahead of us, not in history books. 
  • Let us place our eyes and our focus not on the multiple shared horrors of the Crisis Effect, yet on the horizon of harmonized evolution.
  • Let us allow walls of fear to tumble and become the stepping stones for the bridges of understanding.
  • Let us rely on the collective power of our hearts, which understand the language of love as the greatest currency of all.
  • Let us celebrate the exciting co-creation of the elevation of souls, each at their own pace rather than suffering the crucifixion of comparison to one another.
  • Let us be… humanity.

This timeframe is a healthy part of our planetary spiritual evolution. It’s not the end of our world.

It’s not an end at all.


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About the Author: Danielle Egnew is a musician, actress, media personality, activist, and self-described psychic known in the areas of music, film, radio and television for both performing and producing in all four genres. Her website is



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