Astrological Forecast for January 2015

Through the whole month of January we experience a mixture of seriousness and lighthearted expectation that goes with the beginning of a new year. Because Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius) is now in Sagittarius (sign of higher consciousness) the serious tone which is emphasized with the Sun in Capricorn then Aquarius, is now seen for a purpose.  With Mars (god of personal assertion) in Aquarius then Pisces, our leading actions come through our  idealized self.  When our visions are in tune with the way the world really works we have great opportunity to bring goodness to others.  We have “reality testing” of this principle around the middle of the month.  Mercury turns Retrograde onJanuary 21st. This give the last 10 days of January an editorial vibration.  With Mercury in Aquarius our thoughts, feelings and actions are aimed at establishing something new out of our recurring patterns.  This meta-consciousness gives us ample opportunity for a new self awareness.

Full Moon this week (Image from

Full Moon this week (Image from

This Full Moon January 4th 11:54 PM EST on the 14th degree of Cancer and is in exact Square to the Full Moon of April 2014.  Because this happens in Square to the Lunar Nodes we will be pressured to resolve deep karmic conflicts.  Pluto (lord of the underworld) Conjuncts the Sun and Opposes the Moon, while Uranus (Conjunct the South Node of the Moon) Squares both.  We are forced to reevaluate past actions and design a new course of action.  Mercury and Venus are Conjunct (showing unity of head and heart) and Sextile Saturn (lord of discipline).  We must be patient and act prudently, even through with Mars (god of war) opposite Jupiter (king of the gods) we are prompted to act precipitously.   Even though caution in our everyday lives is required, external circumstances force us to act.

Sun enters Aquarius January 20th at 4:44 AM EST. The Moon is applying to the Contra-parallel of Jupiter just before entering Aquarius. This indicates that some last minute luck over the next Solar month can change circumstances enough that we are able to shift our stance on things we have been trying to clear up from the past. Because the Moon is at the tail end of Capricorn (Sign of responsibility) practical steps must be taken now. Rewards for correct action will unfold through the next few months.

New Moon on January 20th at 8:14 AM EST at zero degree of Aquarius. Even though Aquarius is the sign of innovation and we have the ongoing Square of Uranus to Pluto (encouraging revolution), the New Moon is Sextile Saturn, reminding us to take careful, practical, measured steps.  Mars (god of desire) is conjunct Neptune (god of culture) showing that we are apt to hold on to our higher ideals; because thisConjunction Squares Saturn (lord of karma) we have the special need to make sure our ideals are really in tune with reality.


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