New Moon, New Year, New Intentions

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January 30th, 2014, the new moon, and January 31st, the Lunar New Year, the Chinese New Year – Year of the Horse! – seems like a most auspicious time to set intentions, new intentions for this new moon and new year. I’ve already written about what to do to prepare for the Year of the Horse, clean, sweep, take out the trash, clear out the old and unused stuff, but the time to do that has passed. Now we’re in the New Year. Let’s talk about setting intentions to get what we want this year, to be who we want to be.

Yes, I get it, we’ve all set intentions, goals, resolutions, I’m not really interested in those things anymore. Even though they have value. And for some of us, they really help set the tone for a fruitful year. But, I’m more interested in setting intentions for how I want to feel. I guess what I want to do this new moon and new year is set “feelings,” a tone for the year. We all want to be successful, thin, rich, and beautiful, but what are the feelings underneath those wishes. I think if we can get down to the root feeling, we have a better chance of finding a true contentment in life. Instead of going after a goal, find out how you want to feel… How do you want to feel today? How do you want to feel this year? What do you want this Year of the Horse to feel like?

Think of words that resonate with you. Words that ring your bell. You know that bell of truth. When you read or hear or see something, you know it’s the real deal. If “abundance” rings your bell, great, but I suspect that’s an overplayed word, and something more specific to you, would work much better. One friend said she wanted to feel “lucky” this year. That word resonates for her. I want to feel ease. I want to feel engaged. I want to feel supported. I want to feel free. Freedom to me is freedom from worry, anxiety, financial strain. And it’s freedom to travel, to explore, to work on whatever strikes my fancy. I want to have fun. What does fun feel like to me? I’m focussed and excited and calm all at once. That’s fun. What does fun feel like to you?

It’s easier to manifest what you want when you focus on how you want to feel, not how you’ll achieve something. Follow the feeling. What feels good and right usually is! When I focus on goals, there’s a feeling of not being good enough. I’m not enough until I achieve this goal. And then I’m coming from that place of lack. Better for me is to focus on feeling good.

This new year I encourage you to make your list of intentions. Intentions for how you want to feel. And share yours with us! We can support each other in manifesting amazing things this year. Happy New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy!


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About the Author: Tania Van Pelt is the creator of Happiness Series. She is a writer and content creator, working in film, tv, and online. She wrote the popular lifestyle book "Ageless Diet," published in late 2015. And she is currently working on her next book. She also developed a sitcom pilot set in the restaurant business called "Employees Only TV" and is developing another web series comedy about Denver.

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