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Making the Change: An Ageless Diet™ Do-Over

Be Ageless in Body, Mind & Spirit

If it were easy to make changes you wouldn’t need to make a New Year’s Resolution. Right about now you may be tripping up on your resolution or falling into old patterns that will lead to failure. Every New Year we make promises to ourselves that we will lose weight, meditate daily, to live better. So why do have trouble following through?

Change is an uphill battle; it takes courage to make changes, because our ego is invested in maintaining the status quo. The ego’s interest is in defending the current physical, emotional, and mental states even when we are living misaligned from our spirit.

I started this New Year the same as many of you, vowing to lose the pounds and treat my body better. So far, so good, but I’ve been through the weight loss battle before and I’ve won at least for a while until I gained all of it back, and more. So I realized that this time, 2014, had to be a little bit different. I could no longer simply look at the number on the scale and the time on the treadmill. This year I’m playing the long game, I’m taking steps to improve my health for the long term so that I don’t have to make that same tired New Year’s Resolution again in January 2015.

In the yoga tradition we talk about the spirit being ageless, never dying. So why do we make resolutions accompanied by expiration dates? Instead of going on a diet for 3 months, I’m taking steps to feel ageless and live aligned with my spirit, not my ego. When we get quiet and can truly hear our deepest desires our spirit will guide us to live beyond the status quo. So now that you know what you are up against you can muster the courage to make your change, it’s not too late for your 2014 resolution do-over.


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About the Author: Padmini Veronica Perretti teaches yoga classes, workshops, and teacher trainings in NYC, where she provides a bridge between the new age wisdom of A Course in Miraclesand the traditional teachings of theYoga Sutra of Patanjali. She is currently writing a series called the Trials and Tribulations of a Curvaceous Yogini. You can learn more about Padmini and read her blog at www. She writes for Happiness Series about her exploration of yoga philosophy and meditation through the lenses of weight loss, body image, and self-love.


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