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HowAboutWe for Couples Launches in LA

While writing my book on Internet dating, I became a huge fan of HowAboutWe, an online dating community for people who like to do things (besides bone, that is). It’s a site that matches people up not only by shared interests, but the desire to try new things — and no, I am not referring to sexual positions here.  Because the dating site for singles was so successful, co-founders, Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schechter decided to create HowAboutWe for Couples, a site for those who need to add a little oomph to their pre-existing relationships.

The site was designed  as a digital concierge service for people in relationships, and offers a collection of local experiences tailored for two, allowing couples to book with the click of a button and without the hassle of date planning. Read between the lines here, dudes: you barely have to do any work. This is like your holy grail!

Some of the dates that will be offered specifically in LA include a hands-on class at Scratch DJ Academy,  the ‘Naked at the Getty’ scavenger hunt, an at-home massage lesson and a class at Donut Friend on how to create and fill your own donut holes. Again, that was not a euphemism for anything else, I swear.

HowAboutWe for Couples is also available to residents of  San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Chicago. Members are offered one free date a month, specials and rewards, and a free personal concierge service that takes care of all of the planning.

Statistics say that  80%  of members have reported that they’ve gone on more dates with their partner since joining.

You best believe I immediately signed up. Not that watching TV with my boyfriend isn’t fun (it is, sometimes) but the thought of “dating” my boyfriend is pretty appealing. I’ve seen so many relationships fail because the couple gets bored with one another, or things grow stagnant. But with this service, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll be doing something new and unusual at least once a month.

Why shouldn’t you keep things fresh and exciting with the person you love? Doesn’t the thought make you happy? HowAboutWe indeed.



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