Astrology for January 2014

Jupiter & her moons

The whole month of January 2014 is very intense; we might say even heavy. We start with a bang on the 1st with a powerful and deep New Moon Conjunct Pluto and Mercury, which sets the tone for the month. The activation of the Grand Cross in cardinal signs is the backbone that gives strength and meaning to the happenings. We are in a great crisis but the Retrograde Venus in Capricorn gives some common sense and stability to all the worldly turbulence. Venus makes an Inferior Conjunction to the Sun on the 11th; this is the first time since June of 2012 when Venus made its’ passage across the face of the Sun. This is a reminder for all of us to open our hearts and receive the love of God into our lives, since Venus is Love and the Sun is the Heart.

The New Moon on January 1st at 6:15 AM EST on the 10th degree of Capricorn is a game changer. Both Pluto (lord of shadows) and Mercury (messenger of the gods) are Conjunct this New Moon which is Opposite Jupiter (king of the gods) and Square both Mars (god of war) and Uranus (lord of abrupt change). This is called a Grand Square; it forces us to deal with things in our own interior that have held us back. To fearlessly go into places that we have overlooked and to do some remodeling is not only possible but absolutely necessary. Venus (goddess of love) is closing on a Sextile to Saturn (lord of karma) showing us that now is a time of accepting responsibility for what we have created. This will be a month of profound personal change.

The Full Moon is on January 15th at 11:52 PM EST on the 25th degree of Cancer/Capricorn. Saturn (lord of time) is in harmonious aspect to both Sun and Moon; this indicates relative ease in adjustment between two areas of our lives. Capricorn represents our duties and obligations and Cancer symbolizes our emotional rooting. At the same time, Venus (goddess of feminine beauty) Squares Mars (god of the masculine impulse) and Opposes Jupiter (lord of expanse); we must make adjustments between the male and female aspects of life. Worn out ideas that have held us back must be eliminated; old approaches to solving problems no longer work. We must integrate the divine feminine into our culture.

The Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th at 10:52 PM EST. The Moon in Virgo is a moderating influence in harmonious aspect to the Venus/Jupiter Opposition showing that this is a solar month of resolving difficulties between warring factions by careful analysis and diligent work. Both Moon and Jupiter are in Quincunx to Mercury emphasizing the need to come up with innovative yet practical solutions to long standing difficulties. During the Sun’s journey through Aquarius, we will see important new innovations in the way people relate to each other and to the culture.

The New Moon is on January 30th EST at 4:39 PM on the 10th degree of Aquarius. The Sun and Moon is Sextile Uranus (lord of innovation); Uranus is Square the Venus/Pluto Conjunction as well as Jupiter; this shows our immense urge to keep moving and to keep trying new things. Even though this is a New Moon chart (which means starting over) this map clearly indicates that the next month will be an easing and working out of things put in motion at the last New Moon on the 1st of January.


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