Weekly Forecast January 21-27

From January 21st to the 27th at times our emotions and our thoughts are in conflict. When this happens we can take a quiet moment within to acknowledge our difficulties. Calming our minds allows us to take a new leap in consciousness. We desperately need to innovate now.

Full Moon this week

21st – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Parallel Pluto – Cautious moves forward bring significant gains. Our work day is pleasant and good news has a way of brightening everyone’s spirits. So much is happening behind the scenes that it is difficult to connect our present actions with their results in the material world.

22nd – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, Venus Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter, Mercury Trine Jupiter – Big ideas and innovative concepts are irrepressible. It is very clear that we are on the move to a new world, collectively and individually. Help is present everywhere if we just know how to ask.

23rd – Wednesday – We make decisions. Some things need to go so we can make more time for the really important aspects of our lives. There is lots of activity right now. Enthusiasm leads to inspiration.

24th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Sun Sextile Uranus – We have the desire to get to the bottom of things. We are not content to just gloss over circumstances. Whatever profundity we have seems to surface now as we try to extract the significance of current events. We have taken a great leap forward and now prepare for another.

25th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Square Saturn, Sun Trine Jupiter – Some problems defy solutions. We get caught between wanting to really understand a situation in our lives and needing to just move forward. Sometimes our common sense (as well as our well-meaning friends) is just wrong and we have to listen to our own inner voice.

26th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mars Semi-square Pluto, the Full Moon is at 7 degrees of Leo/Aquarius at 11:38 PM EST – We are riding a wave of enthusiasm; know when enough is enough. Every real winner knows when to quit. This is the time to take what is good and leave the rest.  There is so much turbulence in the world today; create an inner island of peace.

27th – Sunday – Sun Parallel Mercury – Every argument has a “back story”. There were always causes; solutions come by innovation and moving forward. Looking backward is unrewarding.



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