Video: Pregnancy Body Sculpting Workout with Natalie


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  1. […] to write about acceptance of the lemon in the fall and thought about how far I’d come since then. Everyone asks how I’m doing these days, and I must say I’m excited, scared, and happy all at onc…. My heartburn has subsided which I believe means the baby has dropped down lower. I’ve been […]

  2. […] Working out during pregnancy has made me feel stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. The numbers on the scale climbed with each midwife visit, but I knew I was healthy and so was my baby. Whenever I felt too tired to take a yoga class I’d talk myself into going, never once regretting going! Maybe I couldn’t do hurdler or twists anymore but at 39 weeks I did a tripod headstand, and it felt great to get upside down again. […]

  3. […] for the past nine months. Every yoga class, every push on the spin bike, every kettlebell swing, yoga sculpt, burpee, run, every “no you can’t” I turned into a YES I […]

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