Weekly Astrological Forecast January 23-31

From January 23rd to the 31st retracing our steps and recognizing the virtue in offering a sincere apology brings us luck.  When we have made mistakes and take the time to heal past relationships, we put them on a more positive footing.

23rd – Monday – The New Moon is at 2:41 AM EST, Mercury Trine Mars, Mars turns Retrograde – It’s a day of experiencing meditation in action.  We implement very basic ideas with a tremendous amount of speed and agility.  Telling your truth is a liberating experience.

24th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Pluto – Are we going our own way or operating as part of a group.  This is the time when self transformation requires the interaction with others.  Be prepared to go slow and stay with a process for a while.

25th – Wednesday – We all seem a little over sensitive; we change our minds and so do others.  We are easily influenced by the people in our environment so it is good to be with positive people.

26th – Thursday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn – We have reached the end of doing things a certain way.  Relationships improve by being loving and responsible.

27th – Friday – Mercury Square Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury enters Aquarius, Venus Contra-parallel Mars – Good news from several areas makes the world a more pleasant place.  We struggle to find our place with others and careful analysis and consistent feelings create the context for more meaningful relationships.   

28th – Saturday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Uranus, Sun Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Square Jupiter – We are struggling to create something new today…if we are careful though, we can see what gets in our way.  Our impulses are progressive and take us in a new direction.  Be careful with what you say as we will have a tendency to overstate our case.

29th – Sunday – We are rapidly counting up facts and coming to some new conclusions.  We are no longer trapped by our past.  We experience some pain in the normal growth process which is very speeded up today.

30th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Venus – Although we are lucky and many things work out well, we experience a certain awkwardness with the people with whom we are most emotionally connected.

31st – Tuesday – Bold assertion and clever anecdotes spice up this very exciting day.  Intuition can guide us through a mountain of details very quickly.  It is necessary to be absolutely certain as to what is important before we act.

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