Weekly Astrological Forecast January 1-8

From January 1st to the 8th we are excited and enthusiastic about our key relationships. This is a week of focusing on communications. We need to really listen to what others are offering and also take the time to communicate clearly our intentions.

1st – Sunday – Mercury Square Mars – Welcome to mental confusion and bursts of emotion.  Consistent attempts at real communication can help us inspire others as we enter a new year.  Don’t be afraid to say what you really mean and to keep looking for a way forward.

2nd – Monday – Venus Semi-square Uranus – An abrupt change of circumstances leads us down a new road.  Be willing to trust your initial impulses even though they may be something that you have never thought about before.

3rd – Tuesday – Mercury Parallel Sun – Trying to get things done can be exhausting.  Be willing to have your plans change.  Resistance can only cause grief.  Life is more fun if you are willing to be wrong.

4th – Wednesday – Sun Semi-square Neptune – Progress comes through keeping our feet on the ground while we get closer to each other.  We celebrate our diversity and take joy in each person’s unique vision of life.

5th – Thursday – We are on the edge of expectancy.  Excitement is in the air and we are very interested in trying new things.  However, we are best to just observe and plan now.  Action can come later.

6th – Friday – A new love interest can be perplexing.  This is a perfect moment to notice the beauty in the people you have been with for a long time.  Changing our attitude is much more important than changing partners.

7th – Saturday – Venus Quincunx Mars, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-square Pluto – This is a magical moment for thinking about something important, then doing it.  We are in a time where news affects our thinking and friends come to our aid when we ask.  Be willing to put forth extra effort for an important cause.

8th – Sunday – Mercury enters Capricorn, Mercury Trines Jupiter, Mercury Square Uranus – Telling the truth and keeping our word helps us separate the reliable from the unreliable.  People seem to be in a hurry but it is the slow steady pace that helps us get to the goal.




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