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Love Is In The Air… Or, It Will Be

Ever since I took my first trip to Europe at the age of 17, I’ve had extraordinary luck with my seatmates. I was on a high school trip with the school’s two foreign language professors  and ended up sitting far away from my classmates and next to a hot Swedish male model, who didn’t mind talking to a chubby, earnest, straight-edged teenager for the entire flight. I was in heaven. This is not to say that I end up sitting next to male perfection every single time — I’ve had my share of phot0-sharing grannies and proud new parents, too — but I’ve never been seated next to anyone who smelled bad, drooled on my shoulder or farted in his sleep. In fact, I even dated a South African guy I met on the way home from Miami’s Winter Music Conference in 2010. But I digress. If you never seem to have any luck with meeting men in air, you’re now in luck: KLM is launching an in-flight matchmaking service called Meet & Seat… and no, guys, this does not mean you’ll be guaranteed membership in the Mile High Club.

KLM — or Royal Dutch Airlines – has come up with a rather brilliant idea. By linking your social media profiles to your flight check-in information, you can pick a seating partner who might just turn out to be the next love of your life… or at least an amusing in-air diversion.

KLM spokesperson Mina Jarvis confirmed to the International Business Times that “Meet & Seat” will launch at the beginning of next year. However, she could only provide limited information about the program because it is still in the development phase.

The matchmaking service will be available to all passengers, but those who would prefer to keep their headphones on and their laptops out (and/or are married, dating, don’t want to play any dating games) can choose not to make their profile publicly available.

The idea is that passengers will be able to pick people with the same interests for a seatmate, but will also allow them to buddy up based on professions or even looks. Though, ostensibly, the idea is to pick someone you have similar interests with, I’m thinking that most people are going to gauge their seatmates entirely based on their attractiveness. You want to sit next to a hottie, not a guy who can dissect The Odyssey for five hours, no?

Will Meet & Seat work? AirTroductions made headlines in 2006 when it offered an online dating service for frequent fliers, but that brief foray into mile-high dating never quite took off.

Still, this idea of meeting a guy high in the sky makes me happy. It’s romantic and optimistic. And hey, at the very least, you’ll have found someone amusing to kill some time with. Flying high in the friendly skies, indeed.



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