Burn the Record

Burn, then record: 2 ideas for people and parents

I did something interesting a week ago with 11 other entrepreneurs.

I burned 2011 and recorded 2012. (Thank you to a fab Amanda Moxley for the spark)

On a conference call with 11 other women business owners (some Momtra-preneurs), I read what I was was letting go of. It was two (small) pages long. I read it and I released it. To make it official, I (and we) burned our papers after the call.

BURN 2011

It made me think of you. How would it make you feel to burn all those things you want to release from the last year? There’s still time.


Now, onto the vision for 2012. What is your vision for you and your family in 2012? Think about and write the 10,000 foot view of what you want to create in this life and specifics as well.

Then, record the pages. Yup. Record your lovely voice reading what your vision is. Head to gotvision.com. You can record an MP3 of yourself reading the vision and listen to it as an empowering reminder from your trusty iPhone or iPod. Do this everyday, new habits take at least 21 days to create, and setting up a routine of doing something uplifting like this everyday, preferably in the morning, WILL get you out of bed AND help you get through the day better than ever.

You’ll be tied to your goals.

As parents and people, we really need reminders… tools. Who doesn’t? And, in my opinion, what an easy set of tools. It took me a total of 30 minutes to write it all out, burn the past and enliven and record 2012- all in the time it took my son to complete a scavenger hunt I created for him so I could take time to do this:-). You can always find time for the things you want, Moms & Dads, always.

A bye-bye list & a HELLO list- talk about empowering tools. Power ’em up! And, happiest of new year’s and new, enriching experiences to you from the Parenting Series.

Make this year happier, both for yourself and for your fam-damily. Cheers!

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About the Author: Michelle Ghilotti Mandel is a writer, certified yoga teacher and graphic designer running her own heartful design and branding studio, ghilotti ink, for over 10 years. Michelle is writing the how to be a walking Momtra book (blog: http://howtobeawalkingmomtra.wordpress.com/) and is a guest blogger for Happiness Series, the Elephant Journal, tinybuddha.com and the powermob.com. When she’s not grooving with any of the above, she is running (usually to yoga), sleeping on the Great Wall of China, becoming an expert in expat living and, surprisingly, not making many other plans. She keeps a 5 x 4 foot canvas entitled “The Things that Make Me Happy,” which she is happy to announce will never be finished. She lives in Los Angeles with her five year old son and husband. Michelle’s blogging for Happiness Series about Happiness, Motherhood, finding a balance in life, and having fun!

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