Astrological Forecast January 2012

January 2012 is a month of massive readjustment. Mars (god of war) changes direction. Because he retrogrades now his journey through Virgo (sign of analysis) is almost eight months, instead of the allotted two. In January, decisions made chart a course for us and the world during 2012.  We make judgments affecting our material future.  Neptune (god of culture) and Saturn (god of form) are very close to a trine with each other all month.  This will give us an ironic foreshadowing of events coming next fall.

The Full Moon is on January 9th at 2:30 AM EST.  The Sun is in Capricorn (sign of work) and the Moon is in Cancer (sign of family).  Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is in Libra (sign of balance); we cope with balancing private and professional life.  This mirrors the tension between individual and group consciousness.  Venus (planet of love) trines Saturn and conjuncts Neptune to resolve this. We meet our responsibilities and find an expression for an impersonal love.

Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th at 11:10 AM EST.  The Moon (ruler of public and personal life) is in Sagittarius Conjunct the galactic center and Sextiling both Saturn (god of manifestation) and Neptune (god of ideals). This month will be hard work but diligent effort will allow the manifestation of a higher ideal.  Venus (goddess of love and beauty), in her exaltation in Pisces, Sextiles Pluto (lord of life and death) in Capricorn (sign of fundamental structure). Through kindness and emotional depth we are able to take a great stride forward during the solar month, altering a basic aspect of our society by changing properties of our own personality.

The New Moon is on January 23rd at 2:41 AM EST. This sets the tone for our work during the next four weeks. Mercury (messenger of the gods) is rising before the Sun and Moon in Capricorn (sign of practicality).  Mercury is trining Mars just hours before Mars turns retrograde. This sets a very conservative tone for world events but also gives us a message to hurry up and get many projects off the planning board and into action.  This will be a time of great productivity without having the luxury of either enough time or energy.  Settling our priorities is  absolutely essential for getting on a direct path to our goals.



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