Astrological Forecast for February 2012

Throughout February 2012 we are laying the foundation for a great leap in consciousness.  After a fiery January we will find peace now even though there is much going on behind the scenes. On the 3rd, Neptune (planet of culture) enters Pisces to stay.  As the month unfolds, other planets will ground this new energy creating a vision of a better world.  Saturn turning Retrograde on the 7th adds to the inward focusing of energy.  With both Mars (god of action) and Saturn (lord of karma) Retrograde we are evaluating the cause and effect of our past actions. Each of us is preparing to be of use in the new world we are creating.  Near the end of the month (the 25th) we have the Sun and Mercury in Pisces connecting with Jupiter in Taurus which can be a deep aid in contacting past life memories.  This sets the stage for a deep reevaluation of your life and purpose.

The Full Moon is February 7th at 4:54 PM EST. We are at a moment in which we will eliminate that which can not be integrated.  The past is really gone now and a new wave of fertile energy stimulates us to innovate.  Uranus (lord of radical change) is in close hard aspect to the Sun/Mercury Conjunction which Opposes the Moon in Leo (sign of the heart). We seek union of head and heart. In our everyday lives this can manifest as a struggle with managing our responsibilities; this calls us to do some serious recalibration.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 19th beginning a new solar month.  With the Moon in Capricorn Square a Retrograde Saturn in Libra we have reached the end of the road.  Now we must deal with limitations.  With the Sun Conjunct Neptune (planet of ideals) it is easy to be overcome with despair or to be swept up into unrealistic fantasy. With Jupiter (lord of abundance) applying to the Trine of Pluto (lord of life and death) this is a month where we are crafting long range, practical goals that will have real substance.

The New Moon is on February 21st at 5:35 PM EST is Conjunct Neptune (lord of ideals).  Neptune is the final dispositor of the chart, meaning that it ultimately rules all other planets. This is the best time to initiate; Pisces encourages us to move our thoughts and feelings to a higher plane of existence.  There are two possible tangible expressions for this strongly idealistically driven time: we will either be inwardly directed and give birth to our higher aspirations, or we will become lost in some external fantasy.  This month is full of opportunity as well as danger.  This is the perfect time to recommit to our spiritual path.

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